Anime Saimoe Tournament – Group Predictions

The draws just came for this tournament and all I have to say is UGH!  I wanted to see Angel Beats! do well, especially Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan, but most of them are going to have a tough time in the first round. I also wanted to see Minami-chan and Junko-chan do well, but they’re probably not going to make it past the first round. Negima is going to do horrible again, probably even worse than last year (which they already are). Eva (and maybe Kono-chan) is probably their best chance to get to round two. After that, yea right. At least they have at least one more year… Now on to my predictions:



K-On!! 14

K-On!!There are some people that don’t like shows like K-On!!, but I’m one of those people that like watching K-On!!. There are a handful of shows that are better than K-On!!, but hey, are you forgetting who I am? I’m the guy that likes watching anime with cute anime girls, so let’s go on to the 14th episode of K-On!! and it’s new opening and ending songs.