Kagamine Rin/Len Nendoroids – Support version

CIMG2515 by Kotarou's Anime Blog
CIMG2515, a photo by Kotarou’s Anime Blog on Flickr.

Finally came in the mail! Supporting Japan while at the same time, getting Rin-chan and Len-kun nendoroids! Will post more pictures later.

Anime Cons 2012 Plans

 My chances of going to:

MangaNEXT: 70% (It really depends on if I can get No Cosplayer Left Behind up and running by then, max 1 day)

AnimeNEXT: 99% (I should be able to go. Whether or not I can go Day 0 or Day 1 depends on whether or not I have a job and if I can get out of that job for that Friday)

Anime Expo: 80% (I should have the money, but again, it depends on my working situation)

Possible cosplays for 2012:

Genis Sage: I’ll consider it depending on when Tales of photo shoots occur

Ciel Phantomhive: I enjoyed being Ciel during NYAF. I think I was the only guy cosplaying as him during NYAF (of maybe a dozen Ciels). Most likely cosplay him during AnimeNEXT and Anime Expo.

Kagamine Len original costume: Of course I’ll cosplay him (original costume). I’m even upgrading it so it’s better than before.

Kagamine Len Hitobashira Alice costume: It’s a little bit short of me, but it’s fine. Probably during Anime Expo, maybe during AnimeNEXT.

Kagamine Len Servant of Evil costume: If I go to MangaNEXT, I’ll use this costume. Don’t know about AnimeNEXT or Anime Expo yet because of the hotter weather.

Mukuro Rokudo: I already mentioned in the Cosplay.com forums (I need to start using that more often…) that I might cosplay him. The exact costume I’ll use will depend on my money situation. I don’t like Mukuro, but it’s for the sake of Chrome. Also means I’m looking for a girl to cosplay as Chrome.

Kagamine Len Pretty Fundoshi Aku-malen costume: I’m thinking about getting this costume. Again, it depends on my money situation.

75 Hours of Greatness/Halloween Weekend

So, when is the last time I’ve posted here? I should probably and eventually will get on to writing some more stuff, but for now, let me talk about this weekend.

So, what is the only time of year when you can wear something outrageous (in the eyes of society) almost everywhere and pretty much get away from it? HALLOWEEN! (Well yea, there are conventions, but that only applies for that particular area.) But, if you always wanted to wear something or dress like someone, this would probably be the time to do it.