Summary of MangaNEXT 2012


MangaNEXT 2012, a set on Flickr.

MangaNEXT is a pretty small convention compared to other conventions I’ve been to (only Mokucon was smaller) but thanks to Rutgers’ JVCA, I was able to go with people. In the two days I went (Saturday and Sunday), I had fun despite not having a lot to do. A problem I usually have with small conventions is that especially for timid people like me, one can easily run out of things to do. When you go with people, it’s easy to forget about those problems.

On Saturday, I went as Ciel Phantomhive and I was probably one of maybe 6 Ciel’s there. On Sunday, I went as Kagamine Len and I was probably one of maybe 5 Len’s (I believe there were less the previous day).
Nothing much to say about the convention, except that I had a good time going with others…and I lost a hat 😦

One thing that has come out of going to MangaNEXT is that after seeing all the Rin/Len pairs and Kuroshitsuji pairs, I have an even greater desire to find a cosplay partner. And yes, I will continue trying to find a cosplay partner until I find one…no exceptions!

Next (planned) convention: AnimeNEXT

My Three New Year’s Resolutions

This year has been a very frustrating year for me. It was also a year of tradegy with the 3/11 tradegy. However, at the same time, this was a year of many firsts, like my first time in Anime Expo, my first time in a Miku concert, my first time in Japan, etc. While I try to forget the bad that has happened this year, I won’t forget the fun that I had this year. With that, here are my three New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Get a girlfriend: This has always been a resolution that has never been fulfilled. Hopefully, this changes this year. I hope to find a girl that likes me for me. I will not change the way I am. I will not change my hobbies just to get a girlfriend.

2. Be part of a cosplay group: Every year, I get more serious about cosplaying. Unfortunately, other than the random cosplay gatherings I attend, I always cosplay alone, partially because my friends don’t cosplay and partially because I have a tough time meeting new people. This year, I will work to change that. I should probably start using or other sites more often and that’s what I’ll be doing…starting in the New Year. I do also have the group I created, No Cosplayer Left Behind, which I haven’t done anything with yet, so I’ll start doing stuff with that also.

3. Get my Master’s Degree: This year has been so frustrating because of grad school. If I had any thought about getting a Ph.D. back then, this year basically erased those thoughts. I have to take three more classes and write a technical paper to get a Master’s Degree, so hopefully, I’ll finish that this coming semester. College life is great, but academic life is just too much for me, so it’s time for me to step out in the real world, as much as I hate that.

Anime Cons 2012 Plans

 My chances of going to:

MangaNEXT: 70% (It really depends on if I can get No Cosplayer Left Behind up and running by then, max 1 day)

AnimeNEXT: 99% (I should be able to go. Whether or not I can go Day 0 or Day 1 depends on whether or not I have a job and if I can get out of that job for that Friday)

Anime Expo: 80% (I should have the money, but again, it depends on my working situation)

Possible cosplays for 2012:

Genis Sage: I’ll consider it depending on when Tales of photo shoots occur

Ciel Phantomhive: I enjoyed being Ciel during NYAF. I think I was the only guy cosplaying as him during NYAF (of maybe a dozen Ciels). Most likely cosplay him during AnimeNEXT and Anime Expo.

Kagamine Len original costume: Of course I’ll cosplay him (original costume). I’m even upgrading it so it’s better than before.

Kagamine Len Hitobashira Alice costume: It’s a little bit short of me, but it’s fine. Probably during Anime Expo, maybe during AnimeNEXT.

Kagamine Len Servant of Evil costume: If I go to MangaNEXT, I’ll use this costume. Don’t know about AnimeNEXT or Anime Expo yet because of the hotter weather.

Mukuro Rokudo: I already mentioned in the forums (I need to start using that more often…) that I might cosplay him. The exact costume I’ll use will depend on my money situation. I don’t like Mukuro, but it’s for the sake of Chrome. Also means I’m looking for a girl to cosplay as Chrome.

Kagamine Len Pretty Fundoshi Aku-malen costume: I’m thinking about getting this costume. Again, it depends on my money situation.

An appeal to nearby cosplayers (and/or anime convention goers)

Comments are welcome here, but if you have any negative comments, please don’t leave them here, as they will be deleted.

First, let me go directly to why I’m writing this: I’m looking for people/group to go to anime conventions with. So, let me introduce myself:

I am a 24 year old Rutgers University graduate student that is planning to graduate next year. I went to my first convention in 2008 (NYAF) with several friends. I’ve always wanted to go to a convention before then, but I was and still am very timid. I’ve conventions ever since. Here is a list of conventions I’ve been to:

NYAF: 2008-2011

Mokucon (Rutgers): 2008

AnimeNEXT: 2009-2011

Anime Expo: 2011

I started going alone to conventions in 2009 when I went to NYAF. I was okay with that but as I continued to go to conventions alone, I started wishing that I could go with other people. Even though I have many friends, few of them are interested in anime, and even fewer of them would go to conventions. This is why I’m looking for people to go to conventions with me. As I’ve said, I’m very timid guy, but once I know someone, I can talk to them.

I’m also looking for people to cosplay with. I’ve usually cosplayed alone (I say usually since I’ve started going to cosplay gatherings) since very few of my friends cosplay. Why do I like cosplaying? I cosplay because I really like wearing the things that some anime characters wear. I particularly like to cosplay is Kagamine Len (VOCALOID) and lately, I started cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji) and I would like to continue cosplaying as those two. I’ve also cosplayed Kotarou Inugami (Negima!), Hibiki Tokai (Vandread), and Genis Sage (Tales of Symphonia).

I know that there are some people that like to create their own costumes, but unfortunately I rarely do that. I know that some people might cringe about what I’m about to say but I buy my costumes. I would like to create my own costumes but due to lack of time and skills, I cannot do that. What I will say is that I respect people that cosplay, but I respect people that create their costumes even more.

So back to the point. I’m not very good at approaching people, but I’m good with people after I know them. This is why I’m trying to do this online. It has proven to be successful during Anime Expo, so I’m trying to do this again. If you are interested, let me know! I don’t mind going to small local conventions with other people (maybe up to 50 miles from Central NJ like MangaNEXT), but more interested in going to AnimeNEXT, Anime Expo, and NYAF.

Tales of the Wondering Half-Elf: AnimeNEXT 2011 (Tales of Photo Shoot)

When I headed to AnimeNEXT today, I planned to just walk around, take pictures, etc. I had no idea that there would be a “Tales of” photo shoot. Keep in mind that I don’t go on the AnimeNEXT forums (maybe I should, considering that I go on the Anime Expo forums). So, after embarrassing myself (not really) in karaoke, I was walking and was told by someone that recognized me that where was a “Tales of” photo shoot, so I went to the Red Dock. Well, here are some pictures from that:

Yep, I’m Genis Sage (nekomimi mode). That was a good surprise, but next time, I’ll make sure to look at the forums to make sure I don’t miss something.

75 Hours of Greatness/Halloween Weekend

So, when is the last time I’ve posted here? I should probably and eventually will get on to writing some more stuff, but for now, let me talk about this weekend.

So, what is the only time of year when you can wear something outrageous (in the eyes of society) almost everywhere and pretty much get away from it? HALLOWEEN! (Well yea, there are conventions, but that only applies for that particular area.) But, if you always wanted to wear something or dress like someone, this would probably be the time to do it.


Going to Anime Expo 2011

Okay, so this year’s Anime Expo has not ended yet, but I’ve decided I should have enough money to go to Anime Expo next year and so I will be going to Anime Expo 2011. I did say I was going in an earlier post but I’m making it “official.” Actually, making it really official would be buying the ticket to the convention and buying the airplane ticket to LA, but I’m really going to start setting this ball into motion.

So, there are three things for me to worry about now. The first thing is find people to go with. Of course, I could go alone like usual, but it would be nice if I could go with other people. This would mean I would need to make new friends, which I have a tough time doing. I guess I should try joining the various anime organizations at Rutgers and making new friends.

The next thing is to decide whether to stay in LA for a week or two weeks. This LA trip is supposed to be followed by a trip to Tokyo for a week, but of course, money is an issue for that trip. So, if I decide I won’t have enough money to go, is two weeks too much time in LA? I still have plenty of time for that.

The third thing is the hotel issue. I know people that live in the area, but it’d be a lot of trouble for them and for me to go to and from the LA Convention Center for four days, so a hotel is best. Where do I stay? What is the cheapest place to stay that is still good to stay in? Will I be going with anyone else? I have some time for that too, but hotel rooms can sometimes go quickly, so I should be a little worried.

I guess I should think more about the next convention coming up for me, which is NYAF, but when next July comes around, you’ll be seeing me in LA.

UPDATE (July 6 @ 12:40 AM): I just bought the tickets so it’s basically official now. I got it for only $45 and until July 8, it will be that price. Then, it’ll be $50 until the end of November.

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