Anime Expo 2011: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay Gathering Pictures (Day 3)

Anime Expo 2011: Day 2 Pictures

These pictures includes some of the FF, K-On!, Zelda, DC, and FMA gatherings also.

Anime Expo 2011: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Cosplay Gathering Pictures (Day 2)

Anime Expo 2011: Day 1 Pictures

Anime Expo 2011: Tales of Cosplay Gathering Pictures (Day 1)

Anime Expo 2011: Day 0 Pictures

Anime Expo 2011: Post-Report

I had high expectations for AX coming in. I was hoping to have a ton of fun, take a ton of pictures, make new friends, and maybe get a girlfriend. Well, three of four of those expectations were fulfilled (the fourth one was too unrealistic for this convention). I’ve been to maybe seven conventions before, but this one took the cake. You could feel the excitement during the convention. So many people came during the four (or five if you included Day 0) days and there were a ton of cosplayers.

On Day 0, there were a lot of people in line to get badges. I’ve been in the Day 0 pre-registration lines of AnimeNEXT before, but that line was absolutely nothing compared to AX. The line had to be at least 5 times longer than that, even before pre-registration was open at 3. And the amount and ratio of cosplayers was much higher also. As a sidenote, it was amazing to see at least one person cosplaying as Chrome Dokuro (the best character in the world) each day I was there. The line for Mikunopolis, Kalfina, and masquerade tickets were extremely long on Day 0; long enough for me to wait until Day 1 to pick up tickets.

There were a lot of people in many of the cosplay gatherings I witnessed. Keep in mind that I only went to one gathering before that and that was by chance. Being part of the “Tales of” gathering on Day 1 was exciting, but seeing the even larger gathering was even more amazing. Not only were there a lot of cosplayers, there were a lot of people taking pictures also. Truly amazing.

In my last post, I talked about Mikunopolis. Having Mikunopolis in LA brought the level of excitement up a notch. So many Vocaloid goodies were being sold. Also, a ton of Vocaloid cosplayers were seen, especially during Day 2 (In fact, during three of the days, I cosplayed as Len using three different costumes).

I went to my first AMV contest and second masquerade during AX11. I don’t know why I haven’t gone to an AMV contest before, but the AMVs that I saw during AX11 were great. In AnimeNEXT, I went to a masquerade, but it was nothing like the masquerade in AX. What was amazing was the amount of money given to the winner. The best-in-show got $10,000 in cash inside a briefcase, which was funny.

During my time in AX, I learned something important. If you want to make friends, you need to take risks. Don’t expect your other friends to help. Staying in a hotel with complete strangers and organizing a meet-and-greet helped a lot. I didn’t make too many friends, but I did make friends, so it was a good start. I’ll definitely do that more often for other conventions I go to, not only for my sake, but for the sake of others who have trouble meeting new people.

I spent quite a bit of money so I could be at AX. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Would I do it again? If I make enough money, Yes! To the event organizers and to everyone that attended, Thank You! It’ll be a convention I’ll never forget. Now on to post-convention withdrawal and my trip to Japan.

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