Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 1 – A1/A5/A9

After a long break, we’re finally here! The main tournament is about to start! And this first day is going to be a very interesting. Let’s look at the first three matches of this main tournament (Predictions bolded, Picks underlined):

Match A1:

Haibara Ai (Meitantei Conan): 7th (Group F11)

Nagase Jun (KamiNomi): 9th (Group F7)

Hagimura Suzu (Seitokai Ichizon): 6th (Group F13)

Mikogami Nagisa (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo): 26th (Group F4), 9th (Group S2)

Match A5:

Akemi Homura (Madoka): 1st (Group F3)

Sara (Jewelpet Tinkle): 14th (Group F9), 4th (Group S4)

Misaka Mikoto (Index): 3rd (Group F3)

Match A9:

Rio Rollins Tachibana (Rio RainbowGate!): 21st (Group F15), 10th (Group S6)

Itsuwa (Index): 6th (Group F7)

Manabe Nodoka (K-On!!): 9th (Group F3)


In the first match, we have two veterans facing two newcomers. Nagisa has no chance, but the others have almost an equal chance of winning. Ai advanced past this round last year, but she has to face Suzu and a girl from the KamiNomi series. I think that being from KamiNomi might not be enough for Jun to win, so I think Suzu has a better chance of winning. I’m also going to vote for her.

The second match is a very interesting match. We have a Homu Homu facing a Biri Biri. Unfortunately for Sara, she has virtually no chance of winning. Homura-chan already faced Mikoto-chan during the preliminaries, beating her pretty easily. However, that was before all the other Madoka girls went up. With all five of the main puella magi grabbing the top spots, in some cases, by a few votes, they have a very large target in their heads right now. This gives Mikoto-chan some advantage. However, I think we’ll see a repeat of the preliminary match, though Mikoto-chan might make Homura-chan feel a bit uncomfortable. I’ll also be voting for Homura-chan.

In the third match, we have an Index girl going up against a K-On!! girl. We’ve already seen that K-On!! has weakened, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll lose. Itsuwa does have an advantage of having a match the same day as Mikoto-chan, so I think Itsuwa does have a very slight advantage. I’ll also be voting for her.

Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Group Predictions

Well, the draws for this tournament have been done and looking at the draws, this should be an interesting tournament. Before I go any further, I will say that all five Madoka girls and Charlotte are all in different groups. Whether you like it or not, they will not beating each other up for now. Does that mean that they’ll take six of the eight final eight spots? We’ll see right now by going through each group and major matches that will or could happen: