Looking for a Cosplay Partner

I have been cosplaying alone for several years, but I’ve always wanted a cosplay partner or be part of a cosplay group. I’m a 25 year old male, 5’6″, looking for a female cosplayer in the NJ/NY area that will be my cosplay partner. I typically cosplay as Kagamine Len (VOCALOID), but I do cosplay other characters [I have a more extensive list here]. I am also willing to cosplay other characters assuming that I like the outfit and assuming I have the money.

I usually go to AnimeNEXT, Anime Expo, and NYCC and in occasion, Otakon and MangaNEXT, but I am willing to go to other conventions nearby and do photoshoots, again, assuming I have the time and money. I’m kind of a quiet person, but I can easily open up to people once I know them.

So, if you are interested, please let me know! Also, if you know others that would be interested, please let them know about this!

If you want to see pictures of me, you can look here (^_^)

cosplay.com profile: http://www.cosplay.com/member/274681/
e-mail address: konata.meganekkogekirabu@gmail.com

Hatsune Miku HSP ver.

Hatsune Miku HSP ver.Hatsune Miku HSP ver.Hatsune Miku HSP ver.Hatsune Miku HSP ver.Hatsune Miku HSP ver.Hatsune Miku HSP ver.
Hatsune Miku HSP ver.

Hatsune Miku HSP ver., a set on Flickr.

This is the first Hatsune Miku that I’ve actually bought and it just arrived in the mail! Here are some pictures.

Summary of MangaNEXT 2012


MangaNEXT 2012, a set on Flickr.

MangaNEXT is a pretty small convention compared to other conventions I’ve been to (only Mokucon was smaller) but thanks to Rutgers’ JVCA, I was able to go with people. In the two days I went (Saturday and Sunday), I had fun despite not having a lot to do. A problem I usually have with small conventions is that especially for timid people like me, one can easily run out of things to do. When you go with people, it’s easy to forget about those problems.

On Saturday, I went as Ciel Phantomhive and I was probably one of maybe 6 Ciel’s there. On Sunday, I went as Kagamine Len and I was probably one of maybe 5 Len’s (I believe there were less the previous day).
Nothing much to say about the convention, except that I had a good time going with others…and I lost a hat 😦

One thing that has come out of going to MangaNEXT is that after seeing all the Rin/Len pairs and Kuroshitsuji pairs, I have an even greater desire to find a cosplay partner. And yes, I will continue trying to find a cosplay partner until I find one…no exceptions!

Next (planned) convention: AnimeNEXT

Looking for Cosplayers

Since I actually started cosplaying, I’ve almost always been cosplaying alone because I’m very timid. I have attended some gatherings last year, but of course, that I’ve been limited to how much I interacted. But this year, I’m trying to change this by looking for a cosplay partner/group. Below, I have listed who I’m going to cosplay and what I’m looking for. Just in case you need to know, I’m a 24 year old guy around 5’6″. If you are interested in being my cosplay partner or interested in creating a group, please let me know through e-mail, cosplay.com, CureFacebook, AnimeNEXT forums, Anime Expo forums, or Otakon forums.


1. Kagamine Len (for Friday or Saturday)
2. Shinku Izumi (DOG DAYS) (Looking for a Millhiore or other DOG DAYS characters for Friday or Saturday)
3. Amano Yukiteru (Looking for a Gasai Yuno or other Future Diary characters for Sunday)

Anime Expo

1. Kagamine Len (I’m looking for Rin, Miku, or other Vocaloids for Thursday)
2. Shinku Izumi (DOG DAYS) (Looking for a Millhiore or other DOG DAYS characters for Friday)
3. Ciel Phantomhive (Looking for a Black Butler character for Saturday)
4. Kagamine Len Human Sacrafice Alice ver. (I’m looking for a Human Sacrafice Alice Rin or Miku for Sunday)
I’ll be using the version in this picture, but I also have the normal Hitobashira Alice Len costume.
5. Amano Yukiteru (Looking for a Gasai Yuno or other Future Diary characters for Monday)


1. Kagamine Len Love Is War ver. (Friday)
2. Kagamine Len Servant of Evil ver. (?)
3A. Amano Yukiteru (Looking for a Gasai Yuno or other Future Diary characters)
3B. Shinku Izumi (DOG DAYS) (Looking for a Millhiore or other DOG DAYS characters)
3C. Genis Sage (Looking for a ToS character)
I can do one or two of those three


1. Kagamine Len (I’m looking for Rin, Miku, or other Vocaloids)
2A. Shinku Izumi (DOG DAYS) (Looking for a Millhiore or other DOG DAYS characters)
2B. Kirito (Sword Art Online) (Looking for an Asuna)
2C. Sawada Tsuna (Looking for a Chrome Dokuro)
I know that I want to form a DOG DAYS group one day. This means I’m looking for a Millhiore. I’m also looking for Eclair, Ricotta, Princess Leo, Prince Gaul, and any other DOG DAYS character, but Millhiore is top priority.

I also want to find someone that will cosplay Asuna from Sword Art Online. So, I’m right now more likely to cosplay Shinku and Kirito and Len than any other character.

Opinion About Recent Takedown of Vocaloid videos in Youtube


Source: pixiv

If you haven’t heard, there has been a recent takedown of Vocaloid videos in Youtube, particularly Hatsune Miku videos. You can look here, here, and here for more information about this because I’m not here to repeat what was already said; I’m here to voice my opinion about Vocaloid.


Nendoroid Fun

My nendoroid collectionがんばれ日本!Invitation to Literature Club 1Invitation to Literature Club 2Invitation to Literature Club 3Hina-chan vs. Minami-chan
Rin-chan vs. Hina-chanA change of clothingKagamine Rin/Len nendoroids

Nendoroid Fun, a set on Flickr.

I thought that after getting my new Rin-chan and Len-kun nendoroids, I would have a little bit of fun!

Kagamine Rin/Len Nendoroids – Support version

CIMG2515 by Kotarou's Anime Blog
CIMG2515, a photo by Kotarou’s Anime Blog on Flickr.

Finally came in the mail! Supporting Japan while at the same time, getting Rin-chan and Len-kun nendoroids! Will post more pictures later.

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