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Nendoroid Fun, a set on Flickr.

I thought that after getting my new Rin-chan and Len-kun nendoroids, I would have a little bit of fun!

Kagamine Rin/Len Nendoroids – Support version

CIMG2515 by Kotarou's Anime Blog
CIMG2515, a photo by Kotarou’s Anime Blog on Flickr.

Finally came in the mail! Supporting Japan while at the same time, getting Rin-chan and Len-kun nendoroids! Will post more pictures later.

New Stuff: Part 1 (Non-Figures)

Over the past two months, I have received so much packages from Japan that it’s ridiculous, so I think it’s time to post up some of the stuff I got. I’ll first post the non-figures that I got (mostly from Hobby Search).

The first pic is a Chrome Dokuro mini towel, which I got just because it has Chrome-nyan (of course). The next several pictures are of the Black Rock Shooter plushie (and one of a Minami-chan shoukanjuu that I bought before). I had to put the nekomimi on them. Next, we have the Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan stick pillow, Kanade-chan mug, various small notebooks and tumbler, Tarot no Goshuujin-sama and Ika Musume mini towel (because I can’t resist cute girls!), another pair of nekomimi, Kanade-chan pass case, Yui-nyan/GDM hoodie, Dengeki G’s Comic Festival, Chrome-nyan ‘love fulfillment’ omamori, Yui-nyan pillow case, Yui-nyan dakimakura (that came with Dengeki G’s), Asagiri Mai wall scroll, Mai-chan ‘love fulfillment’ omamori, Mai-chan shirt, SSS Wrist Band, Kallen-chan cup, and Yui-nyan pillow case.

Yes, I couldn’t resist. The Japanese know how to get money from me. I’ll post pictures of the figures I got some time in the next couple of days.

Spending Binge

Well, I knew from the start that when I got a job, I would start buying a lot more figures. As you know, I already bought some things, but that is nothing compared to what I’m buying the next two months and even beyond that. For my shopping, I usually use Hobby Search because of the discounts, reasonable EMS shipping prices, and the points I get which I can use to save me even more money in the future. So here is a list of things I have already pre-ordered and when I expect to get them:


BakaTest Shimada Minami PVC figure (Retail price: ¥6,648): Minami-chan is my favorite character in BakaTest. This comes with a figure of Minami-chan and her shoukanjuu. At first, I was hesitant on buy it, but Minami-chan got the best of me. It’s already out (but it’s sold out already), but I’m going to have to wait a bit to get it since I have other figures being shipped with it (which are not out yet).

Angel Beats! Nendoroid Petit Set 2 (¥2,000): You saw pictures of the first set already and that set I wasn’t planning to buy at first. This set, on the other hand, I absolutely had to buy as soon as I saw it. Why is that? It has Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan!!! Oh yea, it also has Otonashi, but it has Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan, my number 2 and my number 3. I would be crazy not to buy this.

Nagato Yuki (Disappearance Version) Nendoroid (¥3,334): You know, Yuki-chan wasn’t quite up there in my list of favorite girls before I watched the Disappearance movie. Her alternate version in the movie was so cute, especially since she was so shy. I originally wasn’t planning to get this before watching the movie, but after the movie, I absolutely had to buy it.

Late November:

Mayoi Neko Overrun! Serizawa Fumino PVC Figure (¥6,800): I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t pre-order when I first saw this, but of course, I had to get it because it is Fumino-chan. And not just that, she has that cute “ni-kai shi-ne” look. I wouldn’t mind dying twice if she were to say that to me!

Chrome Dokuro Microfiber Mini Towel (¥476): Of course, since I’m already buying a figure, I had absolutely no reason not to buy this since it was only about ¥400. It’s Chrome-nyan as one of the Seven Lucky Gods, Benzaiten. I really hope this comes in time for her birthday!

A6 Ring Notebooks (¥429 each): Again, these are relatively cheap (compared to the Fumino-chan figure), so I decided to get some of these notebooks. One is with Ryouko-chan and gang, one is with Kanade-chan and Yurippe, one is with Yui-nyan and Iwasawa, and one is with Kanade-chan (FORTUNE ARTERIAL) and Haruna.

Angel Beats! Yui & Iwasawa Tumbler (¥2,000): It has Yui-nyan, so why not?

Angel Beats! Kanade Pass Case (¥800): I wanted to get a pass case, but the ones I saw before (that I wanted) were already sold out. There was also a Yui-nyan one, but it was pink, which was expected, but you know, guys and all-pink things don’t exactly go together, in my opinion (I won’t judge if you think differently). So, I had to get the second best thing out there: a pass case with Kanade-chan!


Katsura Hinagiku Nendoroid (¥3,620 – Moved to December): When I first saw this Hina-chan nendoroid, I knew I had to get it. Hina-chan is one of my favorite girls, so I wouldn’t I get it, especially since it’s so cute.

Misaka-mori (¥4,800): Haha, it’s such a funny and cute thing. It comes with 9 small Misaka-imouto’s, 1 small Mikoto-chan, 1 small Last Order-chan, and 1 small Accelerator. The Misaka-imouto’s have their trademark shimapan and Mikoto-chan has her trademark tanpan (shorts) (she’s also angry with a lightning bolt)! You could stack them or do whatever you want. You can even have them form a pyramid, with Mikto-chan on the top, or maybe even Last Order-chan on the top.

Yui Pillow Case (¥3,000): Now why wouldn’t I buy this? It’s Yui-nyan and it’s a pillow case!

Chrome Dokuro Amulet (¥667): It’s the same design as the mini towel, but IT’S CHROME-NYAN! It’s also an omamori (amulet). And to top it off, it’s a love omamori! I already have one of those (omamori of Little Buster’s Yuiko-chan), but maybe this will give me twice the luck when it comes to love (or maybe even more because IT’S CHROME-NYAN!!!)

Microfiber Mini Towel (¥476): Again more mini towels because they are cute. One is a girl from Tarot no Goshujin-sama (I just got it because the girl was cute) and one is Ika-chan.

Angel Beats! Yui Parka (¥5,700): Again, it’s Yui-nyan! Why shouldn’t I get this? And it’s the perfect weather to wear this! It has the Girls Dead Monster logo in the front and the back has Yui-nyan!

Late December:

Angel Beats! Yui Cushion Cover (¥2,500): Another Yui-nyan cover!

Code Geass Kallen Kozuki Glass (¥1,000): One of the weird things about me. I like certain girls even if I don’t watch the anime they’re in. This is one example. Kallen-chan is very cute, but I have not watched a single episode of Geass. And since it has Kallen-chan, I’m getting it.

Angel Beats! SSS Wrist Band (¥1,143): I’m getting this because it has the logo of the SSS. If the SSS were real, I would absolutely join it. It doesn’t have the motto of the SSS, “rebels against the god,” in it, but I guess that’s good because my parents don’t need to see that.

*Dengeki G’s Festival Comic Vol. 15 (¥2,600): In occasion, if I see it in Kinokuniya (not for certain magazines anymore, since they refuse to sell certain magazines now) or Mitsuwa, I will get certain magazines, especially Dengeki G’s Magazine. But what makes this so special? IT HAS A YUI-NYAN DAKIMAKURA!!! And the best news is (maybe not for some people, but for me particularly), it’s not ecchi! I have no problem with ecchi stuff but it does become a problem when I’m not living alone. But anyway, I spent a week or so trying to find a place that was pre-selling it (and had a reasonable price). CDJapan was one of the few places I could get it at a reasonable price, but if you want to get it, you’ll need to look elsewhere since they’re not taking pre-orders anymore.

January 2011:

Fate Testarossa Casual Wear Version PVC Figure (¥6,800): There are so many cute figures of Fate-chan, but this one I decided to spend my money on (so far). She looks so cute in those casual clothes…so cute!

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Amulets (¥667): Even more omamori coming in January. There are four available and I’m going to get two of them: one with Ika-chan and one with Sanae-chan. The Ika-chan omamori is so funny because it’s an amulet for human invasion! Now why wouldn’t I get that. And the Sanae-chan omamori is an amulet for love fulfillment. That means by the end of January, I will have three amulets for love fulfillment, in the desperate hope that I can find a cute, nice, single otaku girl (do they even exist?).

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Mini Cushion (¥857): A small mini cushion with Ika-chan, Sanae-chan, and Eiko.


Kousaka Kirino PVC Figure (¥5,800): It’s Kirino-chan and of course she can be this cute. She looks so happy in this figure.

Kousaka Kirino Nendoroid (¥3,334): Even more Kirino-chan and this time she’s in nendoroid form. She has four faces: her tsun-tsun face, her normal face, and her happy otaku face. That Konata look is obviously the best of the three faces available. She also comes with a cell phone, a bag (like the ones you can get in Comiket), and a Meruru DVD case!

Once I get these figures and other things (and once I get a better camera), I’ll start posting them in this blog. Also, I should probably stop spending so much so I have money to spend when I go to Anime Expo and Japan (and AnimeNEXT and maybe Otakon and NYAF) during the summer.

Making my room a bit more otaku-ish

Since Saimoe is done, I thought that I should do some cleaning and some reorganizing of my stuff since my room has gotten a bit messy. So during the past week or so after my exams were finished, I spent the time to buy some new bookcases/shelfs and reorganize my room. Being the person that doesn’t like cleaning his room too much, that was a hard task. But, I’ve managed to make a lot of progress. Of course, I still have a lot to do since I still have two luggages full of stuff that I had back when I was undergrad living on campus, but it’s good progress right now.

I’ve seen a ton of pictures on the internet of anime otaku’s rooms and trust me, I’m nowhere near that right now, since I just got a job recently, but it’s a work in progress. There are still a lot of figures and other stuff that I want to get, but of course, I’ll have to make more money first. Also, I have to wait until some of those figures come out. In fact, I’m waiting for an Angel Beats! nendoroid set that just out to ship from Japan. I’m waiting for a Black Rock Shooter plushie to ship later on this month, even more nendoroids (Yuki-chan, Hina-chan, second Angel Beats! nendoroid set with Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan) to ship in November, a Misaka-mori set and a Yui-nyan pillow case to ship in December, and Kirino-chan and Fate-chan figures to ship next year. So for now, here are some pictures of my room:


Dakimakura and other stuff 1

I took some pictures of my Hina-chan dakimakura (one of the two dakimakura covers I have, the other being Minami-chan) and some of my figures. The pictures aren’t great because of the bad lighting, my messy room, and my terrible camera. I’ll take more (and hopefully better pictures) soon when I have the time.

So, let’s start with my Hina-chan dakimakura cover. As you may know, dakimakura covers are expensive and so are dakimakura. Of course, I don’t have a lot of money, so I looked towards eBay. They’re cheaper on eBay, but if you want the real thing, don’t even think about buying on eBay. However, it’s still good quality and I have no problems. So personally, my favorite side of this dakimakura cover is the side with Hina-chan in pajamas. She looks very, very, very cute. Hina-chan in her seifuku is cute too, but not as cute as her in pajamas…and blushing.



What is one thing that can destroy the normalcy of a person? If your answer is dakimakura, you are absolutely correct. For those who don’t know what a dakimakura is, dakimakura comes from daki (抱き) which means hug and makura (枕) which means pillow. Combine those two together and we get a body pillow. Okay, so that seems okay, but what if the cover of the body pillow has a girl on it? To most people, that changes everything. Several years back, I would never imagine having a dakimakura. For one thing, it’s so expensive. Also, there was no way that I would be caught with a dakimakura. Well, things changed since those several years. I’ve seen so many dakimakura covers that I wanted. Also, I’ve gotten enough enough money to consider buying one, or a few.

So a little more than a year ago, I got a Chrome Dokuro pillow case. Not quite a dakimakura case, but I had to get it because I love Chrome-nyan. Thoughout my senior year in college, I would always be hugging that pillow whenever I was in my suite. I’m sure that my five other suitemates and all my other friends that visited my suite could attest to that. Again, it’s not a dakimakura, but it’s a close as I can get. Even now, I’m still hugging that pillow because I love Chrome-nyan.

Several months ago, I found this dakimakura cover with Katsura Hinagiku. I really had to get that cover with Hina-chan and since it was cheap enough, I bought it. Several weeks ago, I noticed this dakimakura cover with Shimada Minami that I really wanted. I decided to buy it after finding it at a decent price. So, I had two dakimakura cover, but no dakimakura. Let me tell you, it is tough finding a dakimakura that was large enough. All the body pillows I saw in stores were too small. That meant that the only way I could find one was on the internet. I wish I didn’t have to spend that much money on a dakimakura, but I ended up buying one and earlier today, I got it. I’ll post pictures of the Hina-chan and the Minami-chan dakimakura when I get a chance to. I wish that there was an actual dakimakura of Chrome-nyan so I could buy it. But guess what that means, I’m not normal anymore (not like I was normal ever). For someone that is looking for a girlfriend, having a dakimakura surely doesn’t help my cause.