Ookami-san 2

Ryoushi scared

Ryoushi is getting better...kind of

It’s been a week since Ryoushi has joined Otogi Bank and he’s been getting used to people looking at him…kind of. He’s been some help to Ryouko-chan by being her shield. Though she still sees him as a bum, Ryoushi is happy that he can stay by Ryouko-chan’s side as a companion.

Ryoushi and Ringo

Something you'll learn about Little Red Riding Hood, she's very nosy.

While Ryouko-chan goes to the gym, Ringo asks Ryoushi why he likes Ryouko-chan. He tells Ringo the traits that he likes which girls wouldn’t usually take as complements. But then, he says that notices that the way she acts and looks and her true personality doesn’t match and that he admires how she works hard to be strong. Back at Otogi Bank, President Liszt looks at the video that Ringo took at the very beginning of the series and notices something interesting which he believes would be useful in future missions.

Kawaii Ryouko-chan

See, Ryouko-chan has a cute side...as long as no one else is around.

Ryouko-chan is heading back from the gym when she notices two cute dogs in front of a grocery shop. And since Ryouko-chan loves cute animals, she wants to pet them, but she also doesn’t want anyone else seeing her pet them. She starts petting them, when Ryoushi suddenly appears from the store. She finds out that the cute dogs, named Elizabeth and Francoise, are his and is surprised that the dogs got attached to Ryouko-chan. He asks if she likes dogs, but of course, she pretends that she doesn’t really like them and leaves. Back at her dorm, Ringo tells her what Ryoushi said about her earlier.


The next day, the girls of Otogi Bank decide to go shopping while Ryoushi stays at Otogi Bank with Urashima. Urashima, who we saw for like a second last episode, is another member of Otogi Bank and he basically ignores Ryoushi. However, when a girl comes in with a request for Ryouko-chan, he looks very interested. But, Otohime, another member who Urashima fears, shows up and takes Urashima away. Ryouko-chan gets back, she agrees to the girl’s request to see her ex to see what he wants from her. Ryouko-chan and Ryoushi go to the meeting place where they fall for a trap set by members of another school. Ryoushi is knocked out and Ryouko-chan is unable to resist and is kidnapped.

Young Ryouko-chan

Cute and young Ryouko-chan

Ryouko-chan starts dreaming about her younger self, who asks her why she lies about her strength and tells her that what she really wants is someone to depend on. She wakes up from the dream to find herself in a abandoned factory. She tries acting cool to the boss of the gang but in truth, she is scared and wants someone to save her. Ryoushi shows up at Otogi Bank to tell the others about what happened and they learn that the client was coerced to give Ryouko-chan the request. Ryoushi decides to go ahead and find Ryouko-chan. Using his dogs, he finds her and calls her phone to distract them.


Ryoushi, the slingshot master

Hidden in the warehouse, Ryoushi uses a slingshot to start shooting pachinko balls. Ringo frees her and tells her how the president noticed Ryoushi’s slingshot ability. Ryouko-chan then decides to join the fight and with the help of an electrified version of Neko Neko Knuckles, she is able to easily attack the enemies. Everyone else from Otogi Bank shows up and also join the fight. Ryouko-chan has a tough time fighting the boss but with Ryoushi’s help, she is able to land a punch to the face. However, he is able to get back up and gets Ryouko-chan. Ryoushi decides to go one-on-one against the boss and after a bit, he is able to beat him. Ringo tells Ryouko-chan how cool Ryoushi looked and Ryouko-chan agreed, but her tsundere personality gets the best of her and she denies that she agreed with Ringo. They leave with a new enemy observing them. Ryoushi wakes up after the fight to see Ryouko-chan playing with his dogs. Then, his phobia gets the best of him and he hides.

"I said Ryoushi was cool?! Why would I say that?!"


It was cute that Ryouko-chan showed that cute personality of hers. There’s nothing wrong with liking cute things Ryouko-chan. There is also nothing wrong with relying on other people, as long as you don’t always rely on them. She went up my list a bit with this episode.

Ryoushi also showed us that he has some man in him. As long as no one no one looks at him (and as long as someone is threatening Ryouko-chan), Ryoushi can be very useful.

It’s nice to see Ryouko-chan and Ryoushi’s relationship advance, even if it’s just a little. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues. It’ll also be interesting to see who this new boss is and why he wants Ryouko-chan attacked. And what happened to her in the past? That’s something that’ll be good to know. One thing I won’t get used to though is hearing Kuroko narrating.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 1


My name is Aisaka Taiga. Don't call me flat chested!

It’s the beginning of the summer anime season. Not that much has shown up in my radar, but one anime I’ve decided to try is Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (オオカミさんと七人の仲間たち). It’s another one of those love-comedy anime that I seem to get hooked on, but we’ll see about that. So, this anime is about Ookami Ryouko (大神涼子), a feisty high school girl that is part of the Otogi Academy Mutual Student Aid Organization (Otogi Gakuen Gakusei Sougofujo Kyoukai), or Otogi Bank (Otogi Ginkou) for short. Basically, this organization is like a bank that handles only loans, hence it’s nickname. You ask for favors from them and in return, you repay the favor at a later date.