Anime Saimoe 2012: Group Predictions

Well, the first round is going to start in less than an hour, so I will go through my predictions in each group:

Group A: I don’t see Saki having any trouble advancing until the third round. She will have a tough time against Kobato, but I think she can make it to the group final. On the other side of the group, the Saki girls shouldn’t have any problem advancing, with Tacos and Kodomo facing each other in the final. I think that Koromo should advance, leading to a Saki/Koromo final. Since it sees like Koromo is stronger than Saki, Koromo will move on to the elight eight. Prediction: Koromo

Group B: On the left side of group B, Toki shouldn’t have any problems advancing to the group final, facing probably Iori during the third round. The other side of group B should have an interesting match in round 2, with Azu-nyan and Ricchan going up against _____. Well, one of two things can happen: either Azu-nyan can absorb the K-On! votes or split voting can happen, more likely the former. But, I think that Akari will use her disappearing presence attack on Azu-nyan and Ricchan and move on to the final. So, we’re left with Akari and Toki. But, I think this time, Toki’s presence cannot be erased during this round, so she will be in the final eight. Prediction: Toki

Group C: TOSHINOU KYOUKO! Her first challenge will be in the first round against Shizuno. This could be a problem match for Kyouko, especially with her student council president, Rise, in the mix. But I think that even with this, Kyouko will advance. Then, she has to face Kuuko, but I don’t think Kuuko will be strong enough for her, so she will go to the third round, probably against Kiyosumi’s Mahjong Club president, Hisa. I don’t think that Hisa will be strong enough to defeat Kyouko, so she will go to the group finals.

On the other side, Lotte will go up against Ui in the third round and I think that Lotte will be a bit too strong for Ui, so this will be a Kyouko/Lotte final. It has been some time since Lotte has shown up, so her presence will be weaker than last year, which I think Kyouko will take advantage of. Prediction: TOSHINOU KYOUKO.

Group D: In the third round, we will have a Saki fight, with Hajime going up against Captain, and a Kugyuu battle, with Nagi going up against Louise. I think that Mihoko and Nagi will advance, and of those two, I think Nagi will just be a bit too strong against Captain. Prediction: Nagi

Group E: Hina-chan has been getting screwed all the time, but I think she should at least make it to the third round. On the other side, I think Yuu can make it to the group final, but she will havve a tough time against Taiga and Yui. As for the group final, I don’t know. I think that Hina-chan is strong enough to advance to the elite eight, but knowing the Saimoe voting community, they will try to screw her over somehow. Prediction: Hina (though Yuu could easily advance also)

Group F: On the left side of this group, we will have either Ryuushi or Yui going up against Saki’s Subara! girl Either way, I think that Kirame will go on to the group finals. The other side of this group is really hard to predict. All I can guess is that either Kuro, Ryuuka, or Nyaruko will advance to the group final and beat Kirame. All of them are preliminary winners, but Nyaruko does have the advantage since split voting is a high possibility. Prediction: Nyaruko

Group G: Another tough call here. Momoko and Nodocchi and Sawa-chan-sensei will go up. Unlike in Group F, Sawa-chan-sensei is weaker than Nyaruko. And since I feel like Momoko is just a bit weaker than Nodocchi, she will advance to the final. Then, we will have Yamada going up against Ako. Certainly, Yamada did well last year, but I think that maybe Ako will advance here to the group final, making it a battle between childhood friends. This will be a close match, but I will give this to Nodocchi. Prediction: Nodocchi

Group H: In the third round, we will have Poplar going up against Shana. Though this will be a close match, I think that Shana-chan will somehow advance. We will also have Mio going up against Niku. This will also be a close match that either of them can win, but for now, I’ll say Niku wins this. I could be wrong. This will mean a no-niku/Niku match. And I think that if it’s between those two, Shana-chan will win. Prediction: Shana

Though Saki does have a ton of girls in this tournament, that doesn’t mean that they will dominate this tournament. We’ll see what happens in this first round and I’ll report back to you after the first round.

Back In Saimoe 2005…

With 8 matches done in this first preliminary round, out of 45 Saki girls that have competed so far, we have 13 girls advancing to the tournament and 20 girls going to the second preliminary round. The most girls that Saki had in the main tournament was 23 back in 2009. However, this does not come close to the record set back in 2005.


Saimoe…and the Future of this Blog

Well, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been using this blog very often. I’ve actually been using Tumblr much more often than here. And it will continue that way. Tumblr has just been easier for me to post my short thoughts and I can post more random thoughts. I will continue using this blog in a limited fasion, but remember that most of my random thoughts will be on Tumblr.

Now about my coverage in Saimoe. Well, Saimoe is starting soon. However, I won’t be covering it as much as last year. Not much time and my busy convention schedule is what brought me to this decision. What I will probably do is give a summary of each preliminary rounds and a summary of each group and my thoughts about each group. For more a detailed look in Saimoe, you can look at the saimoe update blog.

Now to look a bit into this year’s Saimoe:

Well, remember when Madoka dominated last year? Well, they will not be here this year. They will be here next year, but for now, they get a rest. Now, if there’s one series to watch for, it’s Saki. They had a rest last year, but they’re back…with even more girls! They also came back in a perfect time. They came back in a time where they remain fresh in the voters’ mind. They also came back when there isn’t another particular series that can dominate them. That doesn’t mean that they will have trouble.

There are plenty of girls that will cause trouble to the Saki girls if they don’t watch out. Some series that could cause problems are THE IDOLM@STER, Nisemonogatari, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and YuruYuri. The Hayate, K-On!, and Strike Witches girls could also cause problems, though girls in just movies don’t tend to do well in this tournament. Some girls that might possible give the Saki girls headaches will be Inu x Boku SS’s Karuta (or any Hanazawa Kana girl), Guilty Crown’s Inori, and Zero no Tsukaima’s Louise (or any Kugyuu girl). We should also pay attention to Shana since this could be her last Saimoe.

Some of the girls that I will be rooting for are Zessica Wong (Aquarion EVOL), Kuroyukihime, Kurashima Chiyuri, and Kouzuki Yuniko (Accel World), Roromiya Karuta (Inu x Boku SS), Shinomiya Ayase and Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown), Eucliwood Hellscythe, Haruna, and Yoshida Yuki (KoreZon), Kisaragi Chihaya (THE IDOLM@STER), Presea Combatir (Tales of Symphonia), Mifune Ryuuko (Denpa Onna), Hanaki Yuka (Natsuiro Kiseki), Sengoku Nadeko (Nisemonogatari), Toujou Koneko (High School DxD), Nyaruko and Kuuko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san), Shimada Minami (BakaTest), Katsura Hinagiku and Segawa Izumi (Hayate), Black Rock Shooter, Inui Sana (Mashiro-iro Symphony), the Negima girls, and Konoe Subaru and Masamune Usami (Mayo Chiki!). Probably too many girls to cheer for, but hey, I’ll be cheering for them.

Next report will be after the end of the first prelims.

AnimeNEXT 2012 Day 2


AnimeNEXT 2012 Day 2, a set on Flickr.

AnimeNEXT 2012 Day 1


AnimeNEXT 2012 Day 1, a set on Flickr.

I wouldn’t say that the events were great, but AnimeNEXT 2012 was one of the most memorable conventions, behind Anime Expo 2011 (and way ahead of NYAF 2011, my worst convention). I met many people, made friends, and had fun. I wouldn’t say that the Lone Cosplayers/Con-Goers meetup that I planned went as planned, but nevertheless, I was able to meet new people. It’s nice to know that there are people that can counter my timidness and approach timid cosplayers like me. There needs to be more people like those people.

On Day 0, I cosplayed as Kagamine Len (normal). On Day 1, I cosplayed as Kagamine Len (Japanese-style, On Day 2, I cosplayed Shinku Izumi (DOG DAYS) in the morning and Kagamine Len (normal) in the afternoon/night. On the last day, I cosplayed as Kagamine Len (Love Is War). Yup, I was Len all four days. I was only planning to be Len during Days 0 and 1, but various circumstances eventually decided that that would not happen.

After going to the Senbonzakura panel on Sunday, I decided that I will cosplay as Senbonzakura Len, maybe during Otakon, but more likely during NYCC.

Summary of MangaNEXT 2012


MangaNEXT 2012, a set on Flickr.

MangaNEXT is a pretty small convention compared to other conventions I’ve been to (only Mokucon was smaller) but thanks to Rutgers’ JVCA, I was able to go with people. In the two days I went (Saturday and Sunday), I had fun despite not having a lot to do. A problem I usually have with small conventions is that especially for timid people like me, one can easily run out of things to do. When you go with people, it’s easy to forget about those problems.

On Saturday, I went as Ciel Phantomhive and I was probably one of maybe 6 Ciel’s there. On Sunday, I went as Kagamine Len and I was probably one of maybe 5 Len’s (I believe there were less the previous day).
Nothing much to say about the convention, except that I had a good time going with others…and I lost a hat 😦

One thing that has come out of going to MangaNEXT is that after seeing all the Rin/Len pairs and Kuroshitsuji pairs, I have an even greater desire to find a cosplay partner. And yes, I will continue trying to find a cosplay partner until I find one…no exceptions!

Next (planned) convention: AnimeNEXT

Theme Songs for My Life

This might sound weird, but sometimes, I associate some songs to certain things going on around me. I started during this during college and the songs that I associate with usually are from songs I’ve recently heard. Of course, the lyrics need to make some sense, though sometimes, they barely make sense.

The first song that I associated with an event was ZZ’s Be Survivor, which was played during Eyeshield 21.

Basically, the main team in Eyeshield 21, the Deimon Devil Bats, was a team that overcame the odds in Japanese High School American Football. So, during sophomore year (2007), I associated the Rutgers football team to this song since the team that was host to the first college football game was basically the laughing stock of college football until lately, overcoming the odds.

The fall semester of senior year (2009) is usually associated with Makino Yui’s Amrita.

I first heard this beautiful song during NYAF 2009 when Makino Yui was there and since something really good happened the day before I heard that, I would often think this song when thinking about that semester.

During my senior year (2010), I associated my final spring semester in undergrad with Ikimono Gakari’s YELL.

I had recently heard the song, but it perfectly described graduation, where we would say our goodbyes, walking different paths.

The summer after graduation I associate with Porno Graffitti’s Saudade.

I won’t talk much about why. I’ll only say that the lyrics are related to why I associate this song with that summer.

This past summer is associated with the AnoHana ED, Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~.

With the tragedies that came in March and the unforgettable memories that I had during that summer, I thought that this was a fitting song. Seeing the Chou Heiwa Busters secret base in Japan might have also factored in to this.

This coming semester is my last semester in college (unless I decide to go back one day for a Ph.D.), so I decided to associate this final semester with the Lia’s Toki wo Kizamu Uta.

Actually, YELL would have made more sense, but since I already used YELL, I decided to use the Clannad After Story ED since I just finished Clannad last week. Though I don’t associate any girl with this song (right now), it was just so beautiful. Also, my college life, though sometimes frustrating, is something I’ll always remember (いつまでも覚えてる) because of the good times I had and good friends I made during that time.

Do you also associate anime songs to certain events in your life?

My Top Three Anime in 2011

In my opinion, 2011 was a good year for anime. While there were some flops, disappointments, there were a lot of anime that I particularly liked from this year. When picking the top three anime, I decided them based on their plot, their designs, and their songs. Here are my top 3 anime in 2011:

3. Nichijou – This was a tough choice since there were other shows that I thought could be in the top three, but I just had to put Nichijou in this list. It was just too funny to not put in this list. I loved the trio that was Yukko, Mio, and Mai and I really loved the duo that was Nano and little Hakase. The OPs and EDs were also addicting. The songs and the ridiculousness that is Nichijou put this show at number 3.

2. Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica – Again, I had a tough choice between this, but this time, I had to decide between this and my #1. Admittingly, the first part was a bit boring, but I liked the direction of the plot as the series continued. I really liked the scene design and animation and I also really liked the character design and concepts. The soundtrack was also great. If my #1 anime didn’t show, this would have been my favorite anime this year.

Now, to #1:

1. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) – If there was a show that would make me cry every episode, this one would be it. Originally, I wasn’t actually going to watch this, but the ED was what got me in. Funny how I wasn’t planning to watch this, especially since I wasn’t planning to watch Angel Beats last year, which is now my favorite anime. I really liked the plot of this anime and as I said, I ended up crying every episode. I would even cry whenever I would hear the ED and the ED was also very fitting for the plot. The animation was great and the character designs were not over the top, unlike other anime I typically watch. It was great from beginning to end, making this my number one anime in 2011.

The number of anime has been noticabally dropped, but I hope that 2012 will bring more great, if not better, anime.

Buon Compleanno Chrome!!!

It’s December 5, which means it’s Chrome’s Birthday!!! She might be shy, but she’s the cutest and kindest girl in the whole world! So, Chrome-nyan, BUON COMPLEANNO!!! 誕生日おめでとう俺のクロームにゃん♥

Anime Cons 2012 Plans

 My chances of going to:

MangaNEXT: 70% (It really depends on if I can get No Cosplayer Left Behind up and running by then, max 1 day)

AnimeNEXT: 99% (I should be able to go. Whether or not I can go Day 0 or Day 1 depends on whether or not I have a job and if I can get out of that job for that Friday)

Anime Expo: 80% (I should have the money, but again, it depends on my working situation)

Possible cosplays for 2012:

Genis Sage: I’ll consider it depending on when Tales of photo shoots occur

Ciel Phantomhive: I enjoyed being Ciel during NYAF. I think I was the only guy cosplaying as him during NYAF (of maybe a dozen Ciels). Most likely cosplay him during AnimeNEXT and Anime Expo.

Kagamine Len original costume: Of course I’ll cosplay him (original costume). I’m even upgrading it so it’s better than before.

Kagamine Len Hitobashira Alice costume: It’s a little bit short of me, but it’s fine. Probably during Anime Expo, maybe during AnimeNEXT.

Kagamine Len Servant of Evil costume: If I go to MangaNEXT, I’ll use this costume. Don’t know about AnimeNEXT or Anime Expo yet because of the hotter weather.

Mukuro Rokudo: I already mentioned in the forums (I need to start using that more often…) that I might cosplay him. The exact costume I’ll use will depend on my money situation. I don’t like Mukuro, but it’s for the sake of Chrome. Also means I’m looking for a girl to cosplay as Chrome.

Kagamine Len Pretty Fundoshi Aku-malen costume: I’m thinking about getting this costume. Again, it depends on my money situation.

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