Anime Saimoe 2012: Group Predictions

Well, the first round is going to start in less than an hour, so I will go through my predictions in each group:

Group A: I don’t see Saki having any trouble advancing until the third round. She will have a tough time against Kobato, but I think she can make it to the group final. On the other side of the group, the Saki girls shouldn’t have any problem advancing, with Tacos and Kodomo facing each other in the final. I think that Koromo should advance, leading to a Saki/Koromo final. Since it sees like Koromo is stronger than Saki, Koromo will move on to the elight eight. Prediction: Koromo

Group B: On the left side of group B, Toki shouldn’t have any problems advancing to the group final, facing probably Iori during the third round. The other side of group B should have an interesting match in round 2, with Azu-nyan and Ricchan going up against _____. Well, one of two things can happen: either Azu-nyan can absorb the K-On! votes or split voting can happen, more likely the former. But, I think that Akari will use her disappearing presence attack on Azu-nyan and Ricchan and move on to the final. So, we’re left with Akari and Toki. But, I think this time, Toki’s presence cannot be erased during this round, so she will be in the final eight. Prediction: Toki

Group C: TOSHINOU KYOUKO! Her first challenge will be in the first round against Shizuno. This could be a problem match for Kyouko, especially with her student council president, Rise, in the mix. But I think that even with this, Kyouko will advance. Then, she has to face Kuuko, but I don’t think Kuuko will be strong enough for her, so she will go to the third round, probably against Kiyosumi’s Mahjong Club president, Hisa. I don’t think that Hisa will be strong enough to defeat Kyouko, so she will go to the group finals.

On the other side, Lotte will go up against Ui in the third round and I think that Lotte will be a bit too strong for Ui, so this will be a Kyouko/Lotte final. It has been some time since Lotte has shown up, so her presence will be weaker than last year, which I think Kyouko will take advantage of. Prediction: TOSHINOU KYOUKO.

Group D: In the third round, we will have a Saki fight, with Hajime going up against Captain, and a Kugyuu battle, with Nagi going up against Louise. I think that Mihoko and Nagi will advance, and of those two, I think Nagi will just be a bit too strong against Captain. Prediction: Nagi

Group E: Hina-chan has been getting screwed all the time, but I think she should at least make it to the third round. On the other side, I think Yuu can make it to the group final, but she will havve a tough time against Taiga and Yui. As for the group final, I don’t know. I think that Hina-chan is strong enough to advance to the elite eight, but knowing the Saimoe voting community, they will try to screw her over somehow. Prediction: Hina (though Yuu could easily advance also)

Group F: On the left side of this group, we will have either Ryuushi or Yui going up against Saki’s Subara! girl Either way, I think that Kirame will go on to the group finals. The other side of this group is really hard to predict. All I can guess is that either Kuro, Ryuuka, or Nyaruko will advance to the group final and beat Kirame. All of them are preliminary winners, but Nyaruko does have the advantage since split voting is a high possibility. Prediction: Nyaruko

Group G: Another tough call here. Momoko and Nodocchi and Sawa-chan-sensei will go up. Unlike in Group F, Sawa-chan-sensei is weaker than Nyaruko. And since I feel like Momoko is just a bit weaker than Nodocchi, she will advance to the final. Then, we will have Yamada going up against Ako. Certainly, Yamada did well last year, but I think that maybe Ako will advance here to the group final, making it a battle between childhood friends. This will be a close match, but I will give this to Nodocchi. Prediction: Nodocchi

Group H: In the third round, we will have Poplar going up against Shana. Though this will be a close match, I think that Shana-chan will somehow advance. We will also have Mio going up against Niku. This will also be a close match that either of them can win, but for now, I’ll say Niku wins this. I could be wrong. This will mean a no-niku/Niku match. And I think that if it’s between those two, Shana-chan will win. Prediction: Shana

Though Saki does have a ton of girls in this tournament, that doesn’t mean that they will dominate this tournament. We’ll see what happens in this first round and I’ll report back to you after the first round.

(Still) Looking for a Cosplay Partner

I am a 25 year old guy living in Central NJ. While I do have friends that I can cosplay with, I don’t have a permanent cosplay partner. I usually go to AnimeNEXT and Anime Expo, but other conventions I’m considering (for next year) are Anime Boston, Otakon, and NYCC.

I am mostly a Len cosplayer, but I also cosplay many other characters like Ciel, Genis (Tales of Symphonia), Kirito (Sword Art Online), and Shinku (DOG DAYS). Since a lot of the characters I cosplay requires a cosplay partner, I’ve had people ask me, “Where’s <insert name>?” and it does frustrate me sometimes.

My general rule for cosplaying a character is if I like their outfit, I will consider cosplaying them. I have a list of characters that I cosplay and that I’m considering to cosplay here. If a character is not listed, just let me know which character you would want me to do. The costumes I like tend to be elegant or youngish.

What I’m especially looking for is a cosplay partner that will cosplay as Asuna (Sword Art Online), Millhiore (DOG DAYS), and/or Chrome Dokuro. While I’m not looking for a Rin at the moment, if you are looking for a Len, let me know which costume and I will consider since I am a Len cosplayer and no Rin should be left without a Len! (and vice versa)

So if you are interested or you know anyone else that is interested, please let me know, either through PM or Facebook. I might be shy, but it would be nice to meet new people.

Below is a list of  characters I’m planning to cosplay and who I’m looking for:

NYCC 2012

  • Kirito (Sword Art Online) – I’m currently looking for an AsunaSilicaLizbeth, or Sachi for Friday or Sunday. There might be a SAO group on Sunday, but I can’t be too sure yet, so I’m still looking for Sunday also.
  • Senbonzakura Len – This will be on Saturday. There should be a Senbonzakura Rin, but that’s a maybe (I need to always assume the worse, something I learned in NYCC 2011). There might also be a Senbonzakura Miku and Kaito, but I haven’t heard anything else. So basically, if you are interested in cosplaying Senbonzakura Miku, Kaito, Luka, or Meiko, please let me know.
    Also, I have a Facebook event for a Vocaloid gathering here. Basically, if you are going to cosplay a Vocaloid, join us! We want to try to get a gathering going. If you are not on Facebook, let us know here.

AnimeNEXT 2013

  • Kirito – Again, I’m currently looking for an AsunaSilicaLizbeth, or Sachi (priority for Asuna).
  • Shinku (DOG DAYS)– I’m looking for a Millhiore (or any other DOG DAYS girls). I saw a Millhiore during AX and I heard there was one in Otakon and seeing that there are Millhiore’s around, I don’t want to be a Shinku without a Millhiore!
  • Len – I won’t say that I’m explicitly looking for a Rin. However, if you are looking for a Len, let me know. I will be regular Len on Day 0, but during the main days, I will be either Aitetsu, Haitoku no Hana, Magnet (white ver.), Poker Face, Pretty Fundoshi, or Senbonzakura Len.
  • Mukuro/Tsuna – If there is a Chrome that is willing to join me, then I will be Mukuro or Tsuna.

Anime Expo 2013

  • Mukuro/Tsuna – Again, if there is a Chrome that is willing to join me, then I will be Mukuro or Tsuna.
  • Ciel – You know that I’m one of the few guy Ciel cosplayers out there and I will continue to cosplay him. I am looking for a Sebastian. Keep in mind that I’m pretty tall for a Ciel (5’6”).
  • Genis – I think that I will only cosplay Genis during the Tales of gathering, but nevertheless, I’m looking for a Raine or Presea.
  • Kirito – Though I’m not looking for someone at the moment, if you are an AsunaSilicaLizbeth, or Sachi looking for a Kirito, then let me know.
  • Shinku (DOG DAYS)– Again, I’m looking for a Millhiore (or any other DOG DAYS girls).
  • Len – Again, I won’t say that I’m explicitly looking for a Rin. However, if you are looking for a Len, let me know. I will be regular Len on Day 0, but during the main days, I will be either Aitetsu, Haitoku no Hana, Magnet (white ver.), Poker Face, Pretty Fundoshi, or Senbonzakura Len.
  • Genderbend Shirakawa Kotori (Da Capo)
  • Scrooge (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas)


  • Tsukiyomi Ikuto
  • Kagamine Len
  • Mukuro/Tsuna – Again, if there is a Chrome that is willing to join me, then I will be Mukuro or Tsuna.
  • <More can be added, depending on what people want. Genis and Ciel might be added for gatherings>

So, please spread the word that I’m looking for a cosplay partner! And if you are interested  please let me know!