Back In Saimoe 2005…

With 8 matches done in this first preliminary round, out of 45 Saki girls that have competed so far, we have 13 girls advancing to the tournament and 20 girls going to the second preliminary round. The most girls that Saki had in the main tournament was 23 back in 2009. However, this does not come close to the record set back in 2005.

In 2005, Negima had 38 girls in the first preliminary round. By the end of the first preliminaries, 22 girls advanced to the main tournament and 13 girls went to the second round. All 13 of those girls also ended up advancing to the main tournament, giving them a total of 35 girls in the main tournament: all 31 of Negi’s girls plus 4 extras.

However, more girls does not guarantee a win. Of the 35 that made it to the main tournament, 10 went on to the second round and 3 went on to the third round. In that third round, Nodoka-chan survived against Dokuro-chan, but Setsuna lost to semifinalist Shinku and Ayaka lost to runner-up Souseiseki. In the block final, Nodoka-chan lost to Mai-HIME’s Kuga, ending Negima’s disappointing run.

Negima is in the tournament this year with more girls than in 2005, but they wish they could go back in time to 2005. Only 1 of the 22 girls that have competed so far are moving on to the second round.

Will Saki get more girls into the main tournament than Negima back in 2005? Maybe. Will Saki get more girls into the main tournament than in 2009? Probably. But remember, more girls doesn’t mean that they’ll win. They’ll probably do better than Negima 2005, since their girls have already shown that they could do well, but they’ll have to be careful, since they’re not the only girls that could possibly win this tournament.

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