Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Semifinal Match 1

The final quarterfinal match has just finished and Mami has won. Here is the result from that match:

1. Tomoe Mami (Madoka): 710 votes

2. Ika Musume (Ika Musume): 612 votes

This final match was a more interesting match than the previous match. Ika-chan tried to get past Mami in this much more active match, but Mami and her Madoka base just could not let her capture the win. Ika-chan’s invasion has unsuccessfully ended. Her dream of Saimoe domination will have to wait until next year. Predictions are now 3-1 (119-37) and picks are 2-2 (80-76).

We have a rest day today, but let’s look at the first match between the final four:

Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches): 4th (F2), 43.7% (B8-1), 44.2% (B3-2), 50.1% (B2-3), 53.9% (B1-4), 60.0% (Q1)

Sakura Kyouko (Madoka): 1st (F5), 56.3% (G12-1), 67.9% (G4-2), 63.5% (G2-3), 63.1% (G1-4), 53.6% (Q2)

Erica pulled off the surprise win against Lotte, but will she be able to pull off another surprise win against Kyouko-chan? Seeing how disintersted people were in her match, I don’t think that Erica will pull it off. If Ruri-chan voters decide to vote against Kyouko-chan, then this match could go either way, but for now, I see the Puella Magi beating the witch today. I’ll be voting for Kyouko-chan.

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