Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 4 – Group B Final

The first group final has just finished and Lotte has won. Here are the results from that match:

Group A Final:

1. Astarotte Ygvar (Lotte no Omocha!): 446 votes

2. Misaka Mikoto (Index): 327 votes

During the match, it appeared that Mikoto-chan had a slight lead, but in fact, Lotte had a slight lead in the beginning, with Mikoto-chan close behind. Lotte’s lead grew little by little near the end and then at the end, she just ran away from Mikoto-chan. Another disappointing end for Mikoto-chan, while Kugimiya Rie gets yet another girl into the elite eight. Predictions are now 0-1 (110-35) and picks are 0-1 (72-73).

On to the next group final:

Group B Final:

Tachibana Kanade/Tenshi (Angel Beats!): 2nd (F7), 54.8% (B4-1), 54.4% (B2-2), 56.8% (B1-3)

Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches): 4th (F2), 43.7% (B8-1), 44.2% (B3-2), 50.1% (B2-3)

This is Kanade-chan’s second straight group final appearance and most likely her last appearance in the group final. Last year, she was stopped by Yamada, so this year, she’s hoping that she can at least survive to the elite eight. Hartmann will try to prevent that, but I don’t think she has quite enough power to stop Kanade-chan. I’ll be rooting for Kanade-chan.


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