Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 3 – E2/F1, G1/H2, G2/H1

Match E1 and F2 have just ended and Sayaka and Shirayuki have won. Here are the results from those matches:

Match E1:

1. Miki Sayaka (Madoka): 519 votes

2. Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos): 396 votes

Match F2:

1. Hotogi Shirayuki (Hidan no Aria): 412 votes

2. Yuuko (A Channel): 372 votes

Today was just not a good day for the IS girls. Sayaka-chan took the early lead and Charlotte just couldn’t catch up, even with fake votes. That’s another win for Madoka and another loss for IS. Shirayuki-chan’s match against Yuuko was closer. Shirayuki-chan took the early lead, but Yuuko was within striking distance. Unfortunately for Yuuko, she just couldn’t get past Shirayuki-chan. A Channel is eliminated for this year and Hidan no Aria gets their first girl into the group final. Predictions are now 10-0 (105-33) and picks are 9-1 (69-69).

Unfortunately, since there is that thing in NYC known as the New York Anime Festival (New York Comic Con for those comic otaku), I will not be updating for the final three days of this round until I get back some time Sunday, so I’ll provide for you the six remaining matches:


Match E2:

Takahara Ayumi (KamiNomi): 7th (F2), 40.9% (E7-1), 35.4% (E3-2)

Haqua du Lot Herminium (KamiNomi): 6th (F8), 47.7% (E12-1), 47.8% (E4-2)

Match F1:

Tomoe Mami (Madoka): 1st (F8), 62.1% (F3-1), 60.5% (F1-2)

Miyafuji Yoshika (Strike Witches): 2nd (F11), 45.9% (F6-1), 46.4% (F2-2)

It’s unfortunate that two KamiNomi girls have to go up against each other today. I see Haqua winning this matchup since Ayumi isn’t as strong as Haqua. In the Group F match, Mami will have an interesting match against Yoshika, but I think that Mami will dominate her match yet again. I’ll be rooting for Ayumi and Yoshika.


Match G1:

Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index): 2nd (F16), 52.6% (G2-1), 43.1% (G1-2)

Morishima L. Haruka (Amagami SS): 5th (F13), 56.2% (G4-1), 41.2% (G2-2)

Match H2:

Touhara Asuha (Lotte no Omocha!): 2nd (F12), 53.0% (H8-1), 40.0% (H3-2)

Kuroneko/Gokou Ruri (OreImo): 1st (F11), 52.9% (H11-1), 53.6% (H4-2)

Haruka defeated Yui-nyan by just two votes, but I don’t think that she will have enough to go up against Index. In the other match, without Lotte-chan, Asuha-chan will not be able to survive against Ruri-chan. I’ll be rooting for Index and Ruri-chan.


Match G2:

Akechi Kokoro (Milky Holmes): 1st (F2), 53.3% (G9-1), 47.6% (G3-1)

Sakura Kyouko (Madoka): 1st (F5), 56.3% (G12-1), 67.9% (G4-2)

Match H1:

Shinonono Houki (Infinite Stratos): 6th (F16), 56.6% (H3-1), 49.5% (H1-2)

Kanzaki H. Aria (Hidan no Aria): 2nd (F5), 53.1% (H4-1), 48.4% (H2-2)

Two interesting matchups for the final day of third round matches. Kyouko-chan is probably one of the weakest of the remaining Madoka girls, but she is from Madoka. Kokoro is one of the strongest girls in Milky Holmes, but Milky Holmes hasn’t been doing too well. I think that this will be Kyouko-chan’s match to win. In the Group H matchup, we have the Japanese IS represenative going up against Butei’s Kugyuu tsundere. IS has been struggling and now, Houki is their last hope this year. This is going to be a close match, but I think at the end Aria-chan will barely win this match. I’ll be rooting for Kyouko-chan and Aria-chan.

So I’ll be back on Sunday to report the results of these matches and talk about the group finals.


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