Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 2 – G3/H3

Matches G2 and H2 have just ended and Haruka and Aria have won. Here are the results from those matches:

Match G2:

1. Morishima L. Haruka (Amagami SS): 221 votes

2. Yui (Angel Beats!): 219 votes

3. Ayuzawa Misaki (Kaichou wa Maid-sama): 97 votes

Match H2:

1. Kanzaki H. Aria (Hidan no Aria): 254 votes

2. Haruna (KoreZon): 161 votes

3. Marui Hitoha (Mitsudomoe): 110 votes

Yui-nyan had a slight lead for almost all of the match, but at the very end, Haruka wins and Yui-nyan disappears. The weakness of Angel Beats! has exposed itself at the end, leaving Kanade-chan all alone in this tournament. On the other hand, Aria-chan had no problem going up against the Masou Shoujo and the youngest Marui as expected, ending Mitsudomoe’s run in this tournament and KoreZon’s run for this year. Predictions are now 19-9 (92-32) and picks are 11-17 (56-68). A little better than the last two times.

Here are today’s matches.

Match G3:

Sakurai Rihoko (Amagami SS): 8th (F8), 47.0% (G7-1)

Aragaki Ayase (OreImo): 4th (F3), 51.0% (G8-1)

Akechi Kokoro (Milky Holmes): 1st (F2), 53.3% (G9-1)

Match H3:

Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono): 6th (F1), 60.9% (H7-1)

Touhara Asuha (Lotte no Omocha!): 2nd (F12), 53.0% (H8-1)

Miyako (Hidamari Sketch): 4th (F11), 55.2% (H9-1)

We’ll be having two close matches today. In the Group G matchup, yandere Ayase and bossy Kokoro will not make each other’s day easy. Rihoko will probably not have much factor today unlike her counterpart yesterday. With her best friend gone, Ayase will get the support of Kiririn. However, she’s nothing compared to Kiririn. Also, she is fighting a Milky Holmes girl (G4 actually). This match will be close, but it will be Kokoro’s win. The Group H matchup will be a three-way race, but I think that Asuha has the slight advantage here. I’ll be rooting for Kokoro and Asuha.


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