Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 2 – E4/F4

Two more matches in this round have just finished and Ayumi and Yuuko have won.

Match E3:

1. Takahara Ayumi (KamiNomi): 175 votes

2. Nohotoke Honne/Nohohon-san (Infinite Stratos): 170 votes

3. Yukikaze Panettone (DOG DAYS): 149 votes

Match F3:

1. Yuuko (A Channel): 230 votes

2. Shinonome Nano (Nichijou): 193 votes

3. Nori (Hidamari Sketch): 67 votes

The Group E match was a really close match between the three. Nohohon-chan took a small lead in the beginning, then there was virtually a three-way tie during the second half of the match. Then, Ayumi took a slight lead that she was able to maintain in the end. Nano and Yuuko were tied for half of their match. Nano took the lead afterwards, but near the end, Yuuko ran past Nano, taking the win. Predictions are now 18-4 (91-27) and picks are 9-13 (54-64).

Here are the final two second round matches in Groups E and F:

Match E4:

Hasegawa Hirano (Milky Holmes): 9th (F11), 42.1% (E10-1)

Matsumae Ohana (Hanasaku Iroha): 1st (F4), 60.7% (E11-1)

Haqua du Lot Herminium (KamiNomi): 6th (F8), 47.7% (E12-1)

Match F4:

Asaka Hinata (Jewelpet Sunshine): 17th (F1), 12th (S3), 42.6% (F10-1)

Hotogi Shirayuki (Hidan no Aria): 3rd (F12), 48.9% (F11-1)

Cecilia Alcott (Infinite Stratos): 2nd (F13), 60.3% (F12-1)

Hirano and Haqua might cause some problems to Ohana, but this Tokyoite-turned-inn worker should will manage to win this matchup. Cecilia and Shirayuki will have a close match, but in this matchup between the British IS represenative and miko yandere, I think the Brit will have the very slight edge over the miko. I’ll be rooting for Hirano and Shirayuki-chan.


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