Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 1 Summary

The final three matches of the first round have just finished and Aria-chan, Asuha, and Perinne have won. Here is a summary of those matches:

Match H4:

1. Kanzaki H. Aria (Hidan no Aria): 267 votes

2. Kaitou Arsene/Henriette Mystere (Milky Holmes): 162 votes

3. Aizawa Eiko (Ika Musume): 74 votes

Match H8:

1. Touhara Asuha (Lotte no Omocha!): 259 votes

2. Yin (DARKER THAN BLACK): 136 votes

3. Kanu (Koihime Musou): 94 votes

Match H12:

1. Perinne H. Clostermann (Strike Witches): 251 votes

2. Myoudouin Itsuki/Cure Sunshine (Pretty Cure!): 163 votes

3. Akagi Sena (OreImo): 73 votes

In the battle between detective and thief, the easily wins! Aria-chan had no problem going up against Arsene. Asuha and Perinne also had no problems in their matches. So, with that, round one ends very quietly. That brings my predictions to 73-23 (76%, slightly better than last year) and my picks to 45-51 (47%, a lot worse than last year).

With round one over, let’s look at each group to see what has happened and what might happen in later matches:

K-On!!: Well, they need a section of their own because of what happened. The HTT girls had three close matches, but like all the other K-On!! girls, Azu-nyan and the Hirasawas could not win. There could be many things that could explain that epic collapse of K-On!!. K-On!! hasn’t been on for many months. But of course, you could say that about Angel Beats! and the Railgun OVA, but Yui-nyan, Kanade-chan, and Ruiko-chan really had no problems winning their matches. Also, they do have a movie coming in several months. The main problem for them was that there were many anti-K-On!! votes and they’re looking for new people to win this tournament than the same person. We’ll have to see next year if these girls can come back from this abysmal performance.

Group A: Well, everything went wrong for the Madoka girls in this group. The support that Mikoto-chan needed she did get and one of the favorites of this tournament goes out in the first round. Of course, that means one less girl for Victorique and Lotte to worry about. However, Victorique is going to have to worry about Mikoto-chan this time instead of Homura-chan in the future. Lotte might have some trouble with Tooru in this next round. Who knows who will win this group with Homura-chan gone.

Group B: So, an old-looking grandma made it to the second round. This should make for an interesting second round match. Kanade-chan easily made it to the second round, but were her votes to support her or were they just anti-HTT votes. We can still have a Ririn/Tenshi match, but Kanade-chan might have some problems with Tsukasa and Merry-chan in the next round and Ryuuko-chan or Gertrud in the future rounds.

Group C: After two groups of losses, Madoka gets back in track with Madoka winning, but of course, she looks weaker than she did in the preliminaries. She should have no problem in the next round, but Laura or Hercule could give her trouble in the future rounds if she advances. Of course, Elsea is still her biggest threat.

Group D: No surprises here. Ika-chan still has the highest chance in her side to go on to the finals. Last Order-chan might have some trouble against Nao and if she advances, Yuno might also give her a scare.

Group E: Two of HTT’s closest matches were in this group, but of course, they didn’t make it. Sayaka-chan is going to worry about the Ruiko-chan/Uiharu duo next round. Assuming split votes, she will probably have to probably face Charlotte. She will be the biggest bump in Sayaka-chan’s road to the final eight. Ohana will probably make it to the group finals, assuming she can beat Hirano and Haqua next round.

Group F: Shana-chan is out, so that gives Mami and easier path to the final eight. However, Mikan could give her some problems in the next round.

Group G: No surprises here. Despite the surprise in the first group, the Anko win brings Madoka to 4-2. Index and Kiririn have the highest chances of going to the group finals. So, whoever wins that match will basically go on to the group finals. The other side of the group is a bit more difficult to read. Other than Hoshizora’s Tsumugi, all the girls in this side basically have an equal shot of making it to the group finals. The chances of them going to the final eight will depend on who wins the Index/Kirino-chan match. Kirino-chan does have a better chance of winning, so she is the favorite in this group. If she somehow loses, then who knows what will happen.

Group H: K-On!!’s collapse was completed in this round, with them going 0-9. And with Houki’s win, Infinite Stratos goes 6-1. Aria-chan shouldn’t have problems going to the next round, but she will have problems with Kanon or Houki, whoever wins that match, though she’ll have less trouble if Kanon wins. Unless anti-Kuroneko votes show up, I think Ruri-chan should make it to the group finals. Kuroko and Ikaros are her biggest opponents in this.


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