Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 1 – F3/F7/F11

The second set of Group F matches have finished and Nymph, Yoshika, and Hinata have won. Here are the results from those matches:

Match F2:

1. Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono): 256 votes

2. Millhiore F. Biscotti/Millhi (DOG DAYS): 252 votes

3. Kasuga Kusunoki (KamiNomi): 50 votes

Match F6:

1. Miyafuji Yoshika (Strike Witches): 250 votes

2. Miria Marigold Mackenzie (Jewelpet Tinkle): 213 votes

3. Kongou Mitsuko (To Aru…): 82 votes

Match F10:

1. Asaka Hinata (Jewelpet Sunshine): 232 votes

2. Anjou Naruko/Anaru (AnoHana): 227 votes

3. Kondou Mikoto (Kampfer): 86 votes

Nymph was virtually tied with Millhi-chan at the beginning. Then, halfway through the match, she got away from Millhi-chan. But near the end, Millhi-chan started catching up and almost got past her. Unfortunately, Millhi-chan couldn’t catch up fast enough. In the second match, Yoshika easily defeated Miria, despite getting help from Hinata. Anaru’s match was very similar to Nymph’s match, but with one small difference: Hinata managed to get past her at the very end, stealing the victory away from Anaru. That brings my predictions down to 46-20 and my picks up to 32-34.

Here are the next three matches coming up today:

Match F3:

Kannagi Noel (Sora no Oto): 12th (Group F2)

Tomoe Mami (Madoka): 1st (Group F8)

Nagatsuki Sanae (Ika Musume): 7th (Group F6)

Match F7:

Elizabeth Warren (Softenni): 17th (Group F15), 8th (Group S2)

Konori Mii (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun): 13th (Group F12), 9th (Group S5)

Shinonome Nano (Nichijou): 2nd (Group F15)

Match F11:

Hotogi Shirayuki (Hidan no Aria): 3rd (Group F12)

Oshimizu Nako (Hanasaku Iroha): 1st (Group F7)

Subaru (Houkago no Pleiades): 20th (Group F15), 10th (Group S2)

Before the Sayaka-chan match, I would have said that Mami was going to lose to Sanae-chan. But seeing what happened in the last two Madoka matches, I think that Mami will win, despite anti-Madoka votes, since as I said before, Ika Musume without Ika Musume is not powerful at all. Nichijou has been doing okay, but not great. However, today, I think Nano should do well against Mii and Elizabeth. The last match should be a close match between Nakocchi and yandere miko Shirayuki-chan. However, I don’t think that Hidan no Aria without Aria is as powerful as Hanasaku Iroha, so I’m seeing a win by Nakocchi. I’ll be voting for Sanae-chan, Nano, and Shirayuki.


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