Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 1 – E3/E7/E11

Another set of Group E matches have just ended and Ruiko, Sohara, and Hirano have won. Here are the results:

Match E2:

1. Saten Ruiko (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun): 250 votes

2. Konjiki no Yami (To Love-Ru): 167 votes

3. Mizushiro Kanon (Jewelpet Sunshine): 108 votes

Match E6:

1. Mitsuki Sohara (Sora no Otoshimono): 235 votes

2. Minette (Shukufuku no Campanella): 134 votes

3. Nino (Arakawa Under the Bridge): 80 votes

Match E10:

1. Hasegawa Hirano (Milky Holmes): 206 votes

2. Saori Bajeena/Makishima Saori (OreImo): 197 votes

3. Keikain Yura (Nurarihyon no Mago): 86 votes

Despite just being in one OVA, Ruiko-chan easily defeated Yami-chan. Will we see a repeat performance of last year? We’ll see. Likewise, Sohra easily defeated Minette, pulling out with an early lead in the beginning. The other match proved to be much tighter for Hirano. She had a small lead, but Saori was not far behind. It stayed close throughout the match, but Hirano managed to win, showing us the strength of Milky Holmes and the weakness of OreImo without Kiririn and Kuroneko. That brings my predictions to 38-16 and my picks to 27-27.

Now to the third set of Group E matches:

Match E3:

Wakura Yuina (Hanasaku Iroha): 8th (Group F4)

Kusano (Sekirei): 24th (Group F11), 16th (Group S1)

Miki Sayaka (Madoka): 1st (Group F10)

Match E7:

Takahara Ayumi (KamiNomi): 7th (Group F2)

Reki (Hidan no Aria): 10th (Group F12)

Feyris Nyannyan (STEINS;GATE): 15th (Group F5), 1st (Group S1)

Match E11:

Tsuda Kotomi (Seitokai Yakuindomo): 13th (Group F13), 13th (Group S6)

Matsumae Ohana (Hanasaku Iroha): 1st (Group F4)

Sawanatsu Kotone (Softenni): 11th (Group F6)

In general, the Madoka girls have been doing very well. Something about anti-Madoka votes or something. They weren’t out during the actual Madoka match, but I see them coming out again, supporting Yuina. Though not as strong as Ohana, she’ll also be getting help from Ohana, since she will also be up today, probably easily winning her match. In the other match, I don’t see how Ayumi will lose, since she is from KamiNomi and Hidan no Aria isn’t very strong without Aria. My votes will be going to Miki-chan, Reki-chan, and Kotone.


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