Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – Round 1 – A2/A6/A10

The first shock of this tournament has come with Homu Homu losing to Biri Biri. Suzu and Itsuwa also take the wins in their matches. Here are the results from those matches:

Match A1:

1. Hagimura Suzu (Seitokai Yakuindomo): 367 votes

2. Haibara Ai (Meitantei Conan): 289 votes

3. Nagase Jun (KamiNomi): 180 votes

4. Mikogami Nagisa (Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo): 161 votes

Match A5:

1. Misaka Mikoto (To Aru…): 696 votes

2. Akemi Homura (Madoka): 585 votes

3. Sara (Jewelpet Tinkle): 57 votes

Match A9:

1. Itsuwa (To Aru Majutsu no Index): 508 votes

2. Rio Rollins Tachibana (Rio RainbowGate): 273 votes

3. Manabe Nodoka (K-On!!): 212 votes

This is something that will absolutely influence this tournament. Homura-chan had an easy win in the preliminaries against Mikoto-chan, so it was assumed that she would somehow make it yesterday. That turns out not to be the case with Mikoto-chan easily defeating Homura-chan. There were a lot of fake votes for both sides but that didn’t have much effect. Now we can see that Madoka is not as powerful as once thought, or is it? This loss could actually be a blessing in disguise for Madoka. Homura-chan’s sacrafice can actually help Madoka since it can bring the anti-Madoka faction’s guard down and wake up the pro-Madoka faction that thought they had no way of losing. Unfortunately, no Madoka/Homura fight, which I really wanted to see. They will have to march on much more carefully if they want to win it all.

The four girl match also had a ton of fake votes…mostly for Ai, so it appeared that she won her match. But this veteran ends up losing to Suzu and Jun barely survives against second preliminary contestant Nagisa.

As for the other match, Itsuwa gets help from Mikoto-chan is easily wins against Nodoka. In fact, Nodoka did not even take second; she also lost easily to Rio. This is absolutely not good news for the K-On!! girls when they can’t even win against a second preliminary contestant. My record for both predictions and picks are 2-1, with the loss of Homura-chan (T_T)

Here are the next three matches of this tournament:

Match A2:

Astraea (Sora no Otoshimono): 5th (Group F6)

Nakata Sae (Amagami SS): 14th (Group F6), 2nd (Group S4)

Cordelia Glauca (Milky Holmes): 7th (Group F16)

Match A6:

Eucliwood Hellscythe (KoreZon): 6th (Group F2)

Ferris Eris (DenYuuDeu): 23rd (Group F1), 14th (Group S2)

Hide Yoshino/Hideyoshi (Sengoku Otome): 7th (Group F4)

Match A10:

Himeji Mizuki (BakaTest): 9th (Group F5)

Kawashima Minami (Moshidora): 13th (Group F11), 3rd (Group S2)

Shiina Mayuri (STEINS;GATE): 3rd (Group F8)


Not as exciting as yesterday, but all of these can be close matches. For match A2, we have three girls from three popular series, though in reality, Astraea and Cordelia have the best chances of winning. And observing how Sora no Otoshimono did against Milky Holmes in other preliminaries, I think Astraea has a slight advantage against Cordelia, though I will be rooting for Cordelia.

For match A6, we have a necromancer that is one of the top girls in KoreZon facing a female version of Hideyoshi. No, not “that” Hideyoshi; the Hideyoshi from the Sengoku period. This is another hard match to predict, though I think Eu-chan will win this. I like Eu-chan, but Hideyoshi-chan gets my vote.

For match A10, we have the smartest person in the F class going up against Mayuri. Since I see STEINS;GATE as a stronger force than BakaTest, I think Mayuri has the advantage over Mizuki. However, my vote will go to the girl that reads Drucker’s “Management” to learn how to manage a baseball team, Minami-chan.


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