Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – First Prelims 13 of 16

With the 12th match of this preliminary over, Char easily wins the top spot. Here are the 12 advancing to the main tournament:

1. Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos) – 309 votes

2. Touhara Asuha (Lotte no Omocha!) – 249 votes

3. Hotogi Shirayuki (Hidan no Aria) – 235 votes

4. Francesca Lucchini (Strike Witches) – 217 votes

5. Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches) – 209 votes

6. Shiomiya Shiori (KamiNomi) – 204 votes

7. Shimada Minami (BakaTest) – 201 votes

8. Marui Hitoha (Mitsudomoe) – 179 votes

8. Aioi Yuuko (Nichijou) – 179 votes

10. Reki (Hidan no Aria) – 178 votes

11. Henriette Mystere/Arsene (Milky Holmes) – 175 votes

12. Minakami Mai (Nichijou) – 148 votes

There’s the five Madoka girls and there’s the five Infinite Stratos girls. We already saw the power of IS when we saw Nohohon-chan, who many people like to call the minor character God, took sixth. And now, we see IS’s first win of the tournament, with Charlotte beating pantsu-hating Asuha with a generous margin. I don’t see IS as the strongest series in this tournament, since Madoka takes that spot, but they are one of the strongest, so they’ll make this tournament interesting. As I suspected, Shirayuki and Reki, Francesca and Lynette, Yuuko and Mio, Minami-chan, and Arsene all advanced. Mii was the only one of my guesses that didn’t advance, barely missing the top 12 by 5 votes. Instead, Hitoha and Shiori take the other two slots.

This round is going to be pretty busy. There are at least 15 girls that I predict that could possibly go to the next round, even though only 12 can go in this round (if we don’t include ties). But for the favorites, there are two people that could possibly win. First there’s IS’s Lingyin-chan and then, there’s Shana-chan. Cecilia is also up today, but she is one of the weaker IS girls in this tournament. Shana is the third tsundere Kugyuu girl up (there is a decent possibility that I’m missing other tsundere Kugyuu girls) and she’s looking to take the top spot once again, but she does have that disadvantage of just being in an OVA. But, I think she’ll be able to take the top spot over Lingyin. Other advancers that could make the first round are Index’s Hyouka, Hideyoshi’s sister (Yuuko), Milky Holmes’s Nero, DOG DAYS’s Eclair, Aria’s Jeanne, IS’s Cecilia, Hidamari Sketch’s Natsume, KoreZon’s Saras, Panty, Seitokai Ichizon’s Suzu and Kotomi, Sora no Otoshimono’s Nymph, and Ika Musume’s Eiko. I’ll be voting for Nero-chan, Eclair-chan, IS’s Lingyin-chan and Tanimoto Yuzu, Moshidora’s Yuuki, Negima’s Nodoka-chan and Fuuka-chan, Suzu-chan, Eiko-chan, and Shana-chan.

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