Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – First Prelims 12 of 16

The group 11 match has just ended and Kuroneko has taken the top spot. Here are the top 12 moving on to the main tournament:

1. Gokou Ruri/Kuroneki (OreImo) – 358 votes

2. Miyafuji Yoshika (Strike Witches) – 259 votes

3. Ayatsuji Tsukasa (Amagami SS) – 212 votes

4. Miyako (Hidamari Sketch) – 196 votes

5. Sakamoto Mio (Strike Witches) – 181 votes

6. Kurusu Kanako (OreImo) – 174 votes

7. Haibara Ai (Meitantei Conan) – 146 votes

8. Avril Bradley (GOSICK) – 142 votes

9. Hasegawa Hirano (Milky Holmes) – 134 votes

10. Kosaka Chihiro (KamiNomi) – 131 votes

11. Satsukitane Mikako (Sora no Otoshimono) – 117 votes

12. Kongou Mitsuko (To Aru…) – 114 votes

This match was not even close. This match did not have the big name of previous matches, helping Ruri-chan. Whether or not she can she can stand up against Madoka and her gang, we have yet to see, but she will make things interesting for them. Nothing surprising from this match, as Strike Witches, Hidamari Sketch, Amagami SS, and Milky Holmes get at least one more into the main tournament. And again, like many tournaments before, Haibara Ai makes it into the main tournament. It’s nice to see a veteran like her to get in again, even if she has no chance against the other girls.

Unlike yesterday’s match, it’s a bit harder to tell who can win today’s match. There’s Charlotte Dunois and Asuha and Shirayuki and Henriette (aka Arsene) and the Strike Witches girls, Lynette and Francesca, and Nichijou’s Yuuko and Mai, and Shimada Minami-chan. I think Charlotte can sneak out with a victory since she is one of the stronger IS girls and I don’t think the others are strong enough to pass Charlotte, though they could come really close. Other possible advancers are Konori Mii and Aria’s Reki. I’ll be voting for Sekine, Asuha, Minami-chan, Reki, Shirayuki, Charlotte, Gotanda Ran, Konoe, and Mai.

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