Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – First Prelims 2 of 16

The first of the first preliminaries has finished and the cute and young princess of the Biscotti Republic, Millhi-chan, has taken the top spot. Here are the 12 advancing to the first round (my votes are in bold):

1. Millhiore F. Biscotti (DOG DAYS) – 207 votes

2. Shirai Kuroko (To Aru…) – 204 votes

3. Anjou Naruko/Anaru (AnoHana) – 200 votes

4. Merry Nightmare (Yumekui Merry) – 184 votes

5.  Tachibana Miya (Amagami SS) – 182 votes

6. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono) – 178 votes

7. Hercule Barton (Milky Holmes) – 167 votes

8. Yui (Angel Beats!) – 164 votes

9. Perrine Clostermann (Strike Witches) – 125 votes

10. Hiro (Hidamari Sketch) – 122 votes

11. Togame (Katanagatari) – 110 votes

12. Arashiyama Hotori (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru) – 105 votes

The winner of one of the first preliminary rounds last year, Yui-nyan, advances to the first round again, but she’s showing a lot of weakness already. It doesn’t help that Angel Beats! ended some time ago. The dog princess looks like she’ll be going far this year, though she hasn’t faced the strongest of girls yet. The To Aru series is showing to be a strong series again this year. Maybe Mikoto-chan can make it to the final eight, though she can be screwed over again. AnoHana also looks like it’ll do very well this year. Menma-chan has not even gone up yet and they already almost took the top spot.

As for Lala, the Suminoe twins, Denpa Onna’s Yashiro, and the other girls that did not make that list but made the top 36, they will need to wait until the second preliminary. Unfortunately for T.P. Sakura/Da Capo’s Miharu-chan, only the top 36 are advancing unlike previous years, so she’s totally out, so are three of the Negima girls.

As for tomorrow’s match, I see an interesting match between Yuu-chan and Hakase-chan and maybe Uiharu for the top spot. I will be voting for Yami-chan, To Heart 2’s Harumi and Silfa, Yuu-chan, Hakase-chan, Angel Beats! Hisako, Bleach’s Momo-chan, and Negima’s Asakura, Kugimiya Madoka-chan, and Secchan. (And since I’ll be returning from Japan tomorrow, I’ll be a bit late in reporting)


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