Anime Saimoe Tournament 2011 – First Prelims 1 of 16

The first of the first preliminaries in this year’s Anime Saimoe Tournament is not going to start until Sunday, July 17, but since I will be busy until then, I’ll talk about the first preliminary.

So, I don’t really see this group as particularly strong, but there are a lot of girls that could possibly advance to the first round. I think that Yui-nyan has the best chance of winning for the second preliminary in a row, but I could be wrong. Dog Days’ Millhi-chan, Kuroko, AnoHana’s Anaru, Denpa Onna’s Yashiro, Milky Holmes’ Hercule, Hidamari Sketch’s Hiro and Sae, Ika Musume’s Nagisa-chan, Sora no Otoshimono’s Ikaros, Strike Witches’ Perinne, and To Love-Ru’s Lala can all advance to the first round, though with the competition in this group, some of them might have to wait until the second preliminary to do that.

Assuming I’m free before the end of this preliminary, I will vote for Yui-nyan, Millhi-chan, Merry-chan, Anaru, Negima’s Sayo-chan, Fumika-chan, and Chao, Tales of Symphonia’s Presea-chan, T.P. Sakura/Da Capo’s Miharu-chan, and Nagisa-chan.



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