Mikunopolis: A day after

I admit, many years ago, when Vocaloids and Miku were starting showing up, I actively tried to avoid them. I also did that for Angel Beats and AnoHana. But, like those shows, I started embracing Vocaloid. I didn’t follow too much of the music produced with Vocaloid. However, what really fascinated me was the technology. Also, the artwork that artists used and the costumes that they produced for those characters fascinated me. That is one of the main reasons I have many Len costumes.

Back in NYAF 2010, it was exciting to see a screening of the Miku Thanksgiving concert. It was also exciting when they announced that they would make an English voicebank for Miku. Being at that Vocaloid panel in 2010 inspired me to learn more about Vocaloid. At that time, I had already bought a badge for Anime Expo 2011. I would have never imagined that they would have Miku’s first concert here.
When they first announced about the concert, I was ecstatic. I made sure to get tickets as soon as they were available, and after all that happened, I’m so glad I didn’t wait.

AX 2011 was, by itself, the best convention I’ve gone to and in a couple of days, I’ll talk more about that. But, Mikunopolis was in a whole different level. You could feel the excitement coming from everyone, including me. It was very exciting to see and hear everyone (many of whom were in costume) when they started playing the music and when finally, Miku went on stage. During that hour or so, I felt like I was in heaven. It was like…Miku was an angel. Wow! Danny Choo was right when he said “ミクさんマジ天使 !” I was particularly excited Rin and Len sang “右肩の蝶々” since it is my favorite song.

Miku might be virtual, but Mikunopolis was certainly the best concert I’ve ever been to. It has gotten me to listen to Vocaloid songs even more. It has gotten me to cosplay as Len even more. Vocaloid has already influenced me a lot. Mikunopolis will certainly influence me even more!

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