Tales of the Wondering Half-Elf: AnimeNEXT 2011 (Day 1)

After many months of nothingness, the first anime convention in my calendar (and also the closest one from my house) is here! It also marks the start of my month (and a week) of awesomeness which will take me to one (or two) more conventions and Japan. I got a figure, a small nendoroid, and some other things, making sure to wait until I get to Japan to do my real spending. I kind of embarrassed myself in karaoke singing Sexy Sexy (Ghost Stories ED), watched some anime, and went to a panel. I also managed to take some pictures while cosplaying Genis Sage.  I was also cosplaying Genis yesterday while getting my pass. The weirdest thing: I got more recognition as Genis Sage here than I did during NYAF/NYCC last year. I also managed to get into a Tales of group photo shoot, which I will talk about in the next post. So for now, here are some pics from Day 1:

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