Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 1

This anime season has not been very stong, but this weird anime is one of the few this season I’ve been waiting for: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

In the beginning, we see a wondering girl walking around. What is weird about this girl is the way she talks about herself and the fact that she’s wrapped inside a futon.

Niwa Makoto, our protagonist

After the opening sequence, we meet Makoto Niwa, a boy from the countryside that is moving to his aunt’s place in the city. He gives points to certain situations. We’ll find out later on what it means. But he’s happy right now; happy that he will basically be living alone (since his aunt works); happy that he will have more than a few more girls in his class than in his old school; the typical things that make most guys happy.

Touwa Meme, a pretty chill 39-year-old aunt

When Makoto arrives at the city, he meets his not-so-old-looking aunt, Touwa Meme. From picture we saw of her from her high school years, it would be hard to believe that she was actually 39 years old, but that’s what her ‘business card’ said in big characters.

Theres nothing wrong with this...right?

When they arrive at Meme’s home, Makoto finds something very, very strange: a girl wrapped in a futon lying inside near the entrance of a house that was not supposed to have anyone else. While he tries to figure out what’s going on, Meme acts as though there’s nothing there, acting all “gap moe,” as she says.

Seems normal to me!

On to dinner, when this strangeness continues for Makoto. Now, we see this futon girl sitting at the dining room table. Makoto tries to indirectly find out what’s going on, but then he points out this strange thing sitting next to them. Meme tries to go around the subject, but after a few more hits from Makoto, the futon girl kicks Makoto.

This seasons sensor...a UFO!

She starts talking all weird and then, Meme introduces her as her daugher, Erio. She continues kicking Makoto until he grabs her foot and forcibly brings her to the ground. Meme continues to insist Makoto to ignore Erio, but then, Erio grabs a chair with her feet and throws it up in the air, eventually falling on the food.

This is what normal mothers do to their daughers...right?

Yup, a new decoration for the door

This, of course, does not make Meme very happy. She grabs Erio’s feet, spins around, and throws her. A normal day in the Touwa household…I think.

I should make maps like these!

"So these are what girls are!"

So on to the next day. Makoto goes to school, but before that, he wonders into Erio’s room, filled with space related things. Where’s Erio? Lying down on the ground, wrapped in a futon, like usual, but this time, with pajamas. Makoto heads to school on a rusty bike with creepy thingies coming out of the bike bell. He arrives at his new homeroom to find…girls! This is something that was rare in his old place in the middle of nowhere.

Really, this is just very normal

I guess she likes balancing pizza boxes

He heads back home to find futon girl Erio in a dark living room ‘watching’ static. She starts saying that Earth is being targeted. Makoto asks if she was really his cousin, but she just goes through the definition of a cousin. Then, a pizza man arrives to deliver pizza that Erio (I think) ordered.

Ah, a new way to eat pizza!

We see Erio’s hand for the first time when she pays Makoto for the pizza. I guess its time to see her face!…but she throws half a pie up in the air and eats it…REMAINING IN THE FUTON! I wish I could do that! She allows Makoto to have the rest of the pizza after hearing that he was hungry.

Someone must love stars

You wish you could have a futon girl in your bikes basket, dont you!

Since Meme is going to be late, Makoto is going to have to get dinner and since he ate Erio’s pizza, both Erio and Makoto have to go get food, with Makoto riding the bike while Erio rides in the basket on the bike.


They arrive in the convenience store. Makoto decides to go on in without her, but she insists that she comes. He gets her out of the basket and she struggles a bit. Then, the rope holding the futon together is untied, revealing a cute, disheveled girl who calls herself an alien, an arbitration inspector. She says that the town is basically a testbed for aliens, devoid of the Earth’s magnetic field. Makoto figures that her speech and behavior balances her looks.

Oh yea, the points. According to him, it’s his total puberty points. It went down to -10.

Thoughts: I would say that I’m satisfied so far. I knew this was going to be a weird anime and it is. I also like the OP (Os-Uchuujin) and ED (Ruru), which is a rarity. Meme was pretty sexy despite the fact that she is already 39. I’m interested in the relationship of Meme and Erio. I wonder why Meme basically ignores Erio; I guess we’ll find out soon. And about ‘gap moe.’ I have never heard the term until Kore wa Zombie desu ka?. And now, I keep on hearing it. I know what it means, but it’s strange that I never heard about ‘gap moe’ until last season. I think Erio is a very interesting character. I would say that she’s pretty cute, but I don’t quite know about her personality. Oh yea, I liked how they were throwing out references like Shin-chan. And I was wondering why the animation style seemed very familar. Then I noticed it’s directed by Akiyuki Shinbou, which explains everything.

Will I continue watching this? Absolutely!

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    Jun 01, 2011 @ 01:34:39

    I’m so happy i found this blog!! I hope you guys stick around! 🙂


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