As you know, I haven’t been doing well with giving weekly summaries with anime, but a new anime season has started. Instead of trying to give summaries for every episode, I think I’ll just go through the first episode and then at the end of the season, give a summary and my thoughts of anime I managed to keep watching. I’ll deal with the summary of the winter season when I have free time, but for now, let’s go to one of the first anime to show this season: DOG DAYS.

Of all the spring anime, this is one of the few anime that did not delay its planned broadcast because of the earthquake.

We start off in a world where everyone has dog ears and tails. On the left, we have Galette and its mischievous leader, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois, or Leo-hime. On the right, we have Biscotti and its kind leader, Millhiore F. Biscotti. During this stormy night, the Galette are planning their advance on Biscotti territory, while the Biscotti, falling into hard times, are placing their hope on a summoned hero.

The princess of the mischievous Galette, Leo-hime

The kindhearted princess of Biscotti, Millhiore-hime

Now on to the this world, where we meet Shinku Izumi and Rebecca (Becky). Shinku appears to be very athletic, as we see him jump down acrobatically from his room’s balcony to the street. Becky and her family are good friends with Shinku and his family. The two walk to school and talk about the upcoming spring vacation. Shinku is planning to visit his hometown in Cornwall, England, and train for the Iron Athletics, a SASUKE/Ninja Warrior-type tournament. The year before, he came in a close second, but he’s aiming for the top in this year’s tournament.

Shinku, the athletic hero

Doesn't this remind you of something?

When they get to school (an international school in Kinokawa City, Japan), Shinku invites her and her family to go cherry blossom viewing and runs off. A mysterious dog, carrying a dagger, spies on Shinku.

What is this dog up to???

Leaving early for a plane, Shinku jumps down from the overhang of the front entrance, but he finds out that he’s going to fall into a magical vortex that the dagger created when the dog placed it on the ground. Unfortunately for him, he is unable to overcome this fate and he goes into the vortex into an unknown world, with the dog following him.

What would you think if you were in this situation?

Millhiore, who I’ll refer as Miruhi-chan, expecting for the arrival of this mysterious hero, arrives to where Shinku crashes down. He opens his eyes to see a girl with dog ears and a tail introducing herself to him.

"A cute girl...with ears and a tail?"

As the two are talking, fireworks go off, signaling the beginning of this battle between Galette and Biscotti. The Galette forces start their attack on a Biscotti fort and manage to open the doors to the fort. After that, they make their way to the Biscotti castle.

More bad news for the dogs of Biscotti

Doesn't that thing look a little like a chocobo?

They arrive at the Filianno Lake Field, a obstacle-type battlefield, with representatives of Galette commentating the battle (yes, like a sports event). Two of Biscotti’s warriors, Eclair and Rolan Martinozzi, manage to get a lot of the Galette forces out of the way, but the Biscotti are still in trouble.

Since when do battles have commentators

Someone is waiting for battle...

The young knight of Biscotti, Eclair

So this is what happens when you get hit...

Shinku is a bit surprised when he and Miruhi-chan arrive near the battlefield. Unlike the wars we’re used to, these wars are more civilized. No deaths and such, so more like an athletic competition than anything else. After some talk between the two, Shinku agrees to help up the Biscotti and joins the battle.

Shinku agrees to help this cute girl

Don't you wish wars were like this in real life?

The cute maids of Biscotti

Shinku, looking like a hero

Thoughts: When I first saw pictures of this anime, I wasn’t expecting it to be dark, like other anime that involved fighting. However, at the beginning, it did appear to be darker than advertised. However, after that, it does appear to be what I was thinking. I have to say that Miruhi-chan is extremely cute. The inumimi look and the kind personality does help. I don’t know where to rank her right now, but I would say she’s up there. But back to the story, when the battle started, I thought, “Ooh, a battle!” The battle didn’t look too exciting, but when they battled in the obstacle-type battlefield, that was amusing. It reminded me more of a school sports festival-type event than an actual battle.

Will I continue watching? Well, of course I’ll continue watching, because that’s what happens when I see a cute anime girl. But whether or not I’ll make it through all 12 episodes, I don’t know yet. As of now, maybe not, but if the story gets better, then I’ll make it through.

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  1. Anime
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 01:35:31

    Dog Days is one of my favorite series! ❤


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