Yumekui Merry 2

Merry-chan (in cute pajamas) and Isana have a little chat

After fainting in the last episode, Merry-chan finds herself in an unknown room. She finds out that Yumeji brought her to Isana’s room. The two talk for a little bit until Merry-chan starts getting hungry. Meanwhile, Yumeji is thinking about John Doe, Merry-chan, and what happened in the last episode.

This seems to happen a lot...

...but he doesn't seem to mind (unlike a certain Rito Yuuki from To Love-Ru)

...and like usual, he gets knocked out.

After some thought, Yumeji decides to wash up, but, to Isana’s dismay, he catches Merry-chan and Isana already washing up. Of course, being his fifteenth time being caught peeping, he gets knocked out. All of them eat some salad and some curry while being lively, but Merry-chan doesn’t mind, since this is the first time she’s had something that delicious.

We then meet Yumi, another girl in Yumeji’s school, who is talking to another dream demon, Serio. She is applying to nursing school and she thanks Serio for helping her discovering her dream of becoming a nurse.

Serio, Yumi's dream demon

Back to Yumeji’s place, Merry-chan and Yumeji talk about why he helped her and dream demons like her and John Doe. Dream demons come from the Dream World, but some desire to go to the real world. They usually need a vessel to go to the real world, either by taking over a human (like John Doe) or co-existing with them (apparently like Serio). We go back to Yumi, where she remembers the time when she first meets Serio. At the time, she was scared, but she eventually embraced her, which would eventually help Yumi figure out her dreams.


Unlike most demons, Merry-chan suddenly found herself in the real world (without any vessel), not knowing anything about what happened. While wondering around, she happened to catch a demon trying to take over a human. She tried to get answers from it with no avail. She met three other demons, the fourth being John Doe, with only John Doe hinting that he might know something. So, Merry-chan tries to get Yumeji to summon him again, which he cannot do.

Man, this season's shows really know what I like. Is this a dream Merry-chan, or should I say, Merry-nyan?

During Merry-chan and Yumeji’s talk, Isana walks in with some donuts, offering some to Merry-chan. Merry-chan gets excited and after taking a bite, she calls the dount “Reality’s treasure”. She tells Merry-chan about her dad’s offer to have her stay there for a while.


During the night, Merry-chan leaves, but before that, Isana’s dad catches her leaving and asks her if what she is trying to do is something she can do alone or something she has to do alone. The next day, while watching an anime, Isana’s dad reveals that Merry-chan left, disappointing Isana and Yumeji.

She looks kind of familar

At school, Yumeji and others are introduced to a new transfer student (some that we saw last episode), Kawanami Chizuru. She appears to be very reserved and doesn’t talk to anyone in the class. When Yumeji tries to talk to her, Yumeji gets a strange feeling about her. Meanwhile, Merry-chan is thinking about donuts.


Yumi's dreams, all gone, taken over by some demon that's not Serio

After school, Yumi gets caught in a daydream and Serio gets attacked by some unknown dream demon. Serio gets killed (or captured?) by the dream demon and Yumi gets taken over by the dream demon.


At the end, Merry-chan thinks about what Isana’s dad said to her before she left, while Yumeji resolves to help Merry-chan.


While I like this episode, I was also a bit confused, maybe because I read some of the Yumekui Merry manga (that I just bought). Yumi and Chizuru are characters who did not appear in the manga, so what exactly they’ll be doing, I don’t know exactly. But going on, Merry-chan was so cute in those pajamas. It seems like they’re gunning for me this season, first with Infinite Stratos, then with this. They seem to know that I have a weakness towards cute girls with nekomimi (or any other type of ears). Merry-chan was also extremely cute when she got the donuts from Isana. In the other side of the spectrum, it was sad to hear Merry-chan’s story and to see Serio get killed (or maybe she was just captured) by another demon. Overall, this was a good episode and now, I can’t wait for the next one to come.

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