Yumekui Merry 1

The next of the many anime coming out happens to the one I’ve been waiting for the most, Yumekui Merry. So, here is a look into the dream eater that is Merry-chan:

Yumeji, nipped by cats

We first meet Merry Nightmare-chan, a dream demon, waking up in a pile of garbage and starting her day. We then meet Fujiwara Yumeji who is currently in a dream. Like many times before, Yumeji is dreaming about cats attacking him. Just as they capture Yumeji, an alarm sounds, signaling the end of the dream, but just before the cats leave, the second-in-command gives Yumeji a warning: their boss is coming soon and he better prepare for it.

A warning from Puss in Boots

The childhood friend, Isana

We next meet Yumeji’s childhood friend whom he lives with, Tachibana Isana, and two of his friends, Kirishima Saki and Akiyanagi Takateru. Isana gets quite flustered when Saki and Takateru talk about her being like Yumeji’s wife.

Yumeji's dream goggles!

The one color he can get right, black.

In school, we learn of Yumeji’s skill (which he’s not very good at right now): seeing the colors that represents a person’s dreams. He doesn’t get Saki’s dream correct, but when he does it to himself in the mirror, all he sees is black, a nightmare, which is always correct. After school, he goes to the literature club, where he mentions (in a roundabout way) that he hasn’t made much progress in a novel he’s trying to make.

It's always my dream to have a girl fall on me...

After that, he goes home, but before he can make it far, a girl, which happens to be Merry-cnan, falls on him. She was in a tree when crows started pecking her, which made her fall. She finds out that she doesn’t have her hat and she runs off to find it.

Cat in the hat...

...brings Yumeji to a familiar dream during the day

Meanwhile, Yumeji thinks about what to write when he sees a moving hat. He finds a cat under the hat but before he can do anything, he finds himself in the dream he usually has. But this time, the boss, John Doe, appears. He wants to go to his world, but to do so, he needs a vessel, which is going to be Yumeji.

I'm guessing he's American

Yumeji sure likes dreaming about her

He tries to run away and in the process, he finds out that this is not really a dream, since he could feel things that he can’t feel in a dream. John Doe catches up to him, but just before he can do anything, Merry-chan appears. Merry-chan appeared in order to get back to the World of Dreams since she can’t make her way back.

Looks like someone is a little bit weak with girls

So she and John Doe start fighting, with Merry-chan hoping she can get back to her world. John Doe’s comrades try to help him, but Yumeji manages to stop them. At the end, Merry-chan wins. John Does finds her interesting, but at the end, Merry-chan cannot make her way back. Yumeji and Merry-chan make their appear to where Yumeji found Merry-chan’s hat and started the dream.

How can you say no to a face like that?

Merry-chan asks Yumeji to bring John Doe out one more time (which he can’t) and then ends up fainting. We see John Doe again, thinking about chasing again, and then we see a girl from Yumeji’s school with unknown intentions.


Well, I was expecting a lot since this is J.C. Staff doing this, the same people that did/are doing Index/Railgun, Shana, Hayate (2), etc. And for now, I’m satisfied. I liked how the dream world that they were yet, with the random fish bones and cat food can; surely a world where cats would live. I also liked the fight scene in the end of the episode. I was expecting it since I did read a little bit of the beginning of the manga (ordering first five volumes right now through Kinokuniya). I never noticed Merry-chan’s eyes before and I find them interesting: how it’s black in the real world and white in the dream world.

But as for whether or not I suggest this to anyone, here’s what I think. I want to say that this anime has a Shana-type feel to it, so if you didn’t like Shana at all, this is probably not the right show for you, but if you did have at least some interest in Shana, absolutely watch it. I know I will!

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