Infinite Stratos 1

A lot of shows have starting today in this winter season, so I’ll start with talking about Infinite Stratos, one of the few SF anime this season.

Infinite Stratos
In the beginning, we see a group of people using a combat, multi-form suit called Infinite Stratos fighting a mecha of some type. Most of the combatants are women, which is usual right now since only girls can pilot Infinite Stratos. However, there is one guy that is piloting an IS. Orimura Ichika is the first IS pilot and this story is focused on him.

Orimura Ichika - A man among women

It is the first day of classes in the IS Academy and Ichika finds himself surrounded by women. He is extremely nervous and his childhood friend, Shinonono Houki, is ignoring him, which is not helping his case. It’s his turn for self-introductions and he senses all the girls (except for Houki of course) staring at him. He figures out that he needs to stop being quiet and it looks like he will have a strong introduction, but at the end, he ends his self-introduction all weak and such, earning him a scolding from his older sister, Chifuyu. Not only is Chifuyu his sister, she is the head homeroom teacher of his class. All the girls start getting excited since she was a famous IS pilot for Japan back in the day.

Ten years back, Infinite Stratos was a suit that was created originally for space. However, since research for that was halted and since it is prohibited in the military, IS’s are mostly just for competition. The IS Academy is the only educational institution where their goals are to create IS pilots. But as I said before, only girls can pilot IS’s, which makes Ichika famous, since he was able to operate an IS.

After homeroom, all the girls are observing Ichika since he’s the only guy there, but Houki decides that she wants to talk to him in the roof. It has been six years since they talked, but being a bit shy, she doesn’t talk a lot. Back in the classroom, we see that he’s not very smart as you can see in his first class, where he cannot understand the concepts being taught in the class (while the girls understand). He gets another scolding from his sister and is forced to read a (very thick) book that he was supposed to read (but accidently threw away) before going to the school.

Cecilia, your typical British ojou-sama

After class, Ichika is approached by Cecilia Alcott, who is not too happy about the way he responds to her. She happens to be the representative contender student for the UK and apparently, she got the highest grade in the entrance exam. She was expecting much more from Ichika by talking to him, but of course, he shows a lack of knowledge of a lot of things she told him. She tries to be friendly with him, but after finding out she was not the only one to defeat an instructor in an IS, she comes out not very happy.

To some guys, this would be a dream, but for Ichika, this is not quite what he was looking for...

...and the consequences for living with Houka

After school, he finds his dorm room, but to his surprise, there is a girl in the bathroom and not just any girl, it’s Houki. This surprises her, causing her to attack him with a bokken. Luckily for him, only the door manages to take the damage. After the scuffle, tries to see if Ichika was the one that requested that Houki be his roommate, but then she gets angry again and attacks him. Houki sets ground rules for their room and Ichika tries to figure out how he’s going to use the bathrooms, which gets Houki angry again. He tries to protect himself, but he ends up embarrassing Houki since her bra was on the shinai he was tring to use.

The ultimate weapon, the bra shinai; however, its also a double-edged sword that can kill you...if you use the wrong words!

Can you guess which one of these four girls in this picture I like the best? Yup! The one on the left.

The next day, after a breakfast with Houki and three other girls that wanted to sit with him, Ichika finds out that his class is deciding on a class rep that will represent his class, not only in student council meetings, but also in IS fights. Two of the girls nominate him, but Cecilia isn’t quite up for him being the student council since she sees it as a shame (women are stronger than men now because of the IS), so she challenges him to a duel.


Well, I think this was good for a start. Not too much action yet, especially since it is the first episode. I think that Ichika doesn’t think too much and is pretty clueless. He’s not book-smart, as we saw in the classroom. He’s also says stuff that he shouldn’t say, like wondering out loud about Houki wearing a bra. I can’t read too much on Houki right now. Why she doesn’t talk to Ichika at the beginning, I’m not quite sure, but it does seem like she does have some feelings for her. As for Cecilia, I don’t really like her. I don’t really like those ojou-sama-types and she seemed a bit annoying, but it looks like I’m going to need to get used to it…like Kuroko I guess. There are a lot of cute girls in this, but right now, the girls I like the best are probably not going to be major characters (or even close to that). But for now, I like this anime and I’ll continue watching it.

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