Got a Twitter account

Now, for many years, I’ve been trying to avoid Twitter. I just didn’t want to be one of those people. I got a blog so I can convey my thoughts. That’s good and all, but sometimes, I’m lazy. However, a lot of the time, I just don’t have enough to write. Of course, I could write those thoughts in the blog, but that would be ridiculous in my opinion, since maybe it would take one, two, or if I’m lucky, three lines to write. That would make my blog a lot more cluttered than it should be. So, I thought about it, long and hard (that’s what she said), and I decided it would be for the best that I did this. Of course, I will continue to write in this blog because writing about Yumekui Merry, or IS (which I still need to do for episode 2), or any other thing I want to write that is longer than 140 characters will not suffice in Twitter. Consider this as a supplement of this blog. A lot of it will be random thoughts, but you know, I need to get these random thoughts out, especially when I’m in an anime convention, or even when I’m in Japan, where I won’t have a lot of access to the internet to update this blog. So, if you want to follow me at Twitter, my page is at

Yumekui Merry 2

Merry-chan (in cute pajamas) and Isana have a little chat

After fainting in the last episode, Merry-chan finds herself in an unknown room. She finds out that Yumeji brought her to Isana’s room. The two talk for a little bit until Merry-chan starts getting hungry. Meanwhile, Yumeji is thinking about John Doe, Merry-chan, and what happened in the last episode.


Yumekui Merry 1

The next of the many anime coming out happens to the one I’ve been waiting for the most, Yumekui Merry. So, here is a look into the dream eater that is Merry-chan:


Infinite Stratos 1

A lot of shows have starting today in this winter season, so I’ll start with talking about Infinite Stratos, one of the few SF anime this season.

Infinite Stratos

New Stuff: Part 1 (Non-Figures)

Over the past two months, I have received so much packages from Japan that it’s ridiculous, so I think it’s time to post up some of the stuff I got. I’ll first post the non-figures that I got (mostly from Hobby Search).

The first pic is a Chrome Dokuro mini towel, which I got just because it has Chrome-nyan (of course). The next several pictures are of the Black Rock Shooter plushie (and one of a Minami-chan shoukanjuu that I bought before). I had to put the nekomimi on them. Next, we have the Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan stick pillow, Kanade-chan mug, various small notebooks and tumbler, Tarot no Goshuujin-sama and Ika Musume mini towel (because I can’t resist cute girls!), another pair of nekomimi, Kanade-chan pass case, Yui-nyan/GDM hoodie, Dengeki G’s Comic Festival, Chrome-nyan ‘love fulfillment’ omamori, Yui-nyan pillow case, Yui-nyan dakimakura (that came with Dengeki G’s), Asagiri Mai wall scroll, Mai-chan ‘love fulfillment’ omamori, Mai-chan shirt, SSS Wrist Band, Kallen-chan cup, and Yui-nyan pillow case.

Yes, I couldn’t resist. The Japanese know how to get money from me. I’ll post pictures of the figures I got some time in the next couple of days.

Happy New Year!!

Well, 2010 is over. The year of the tiger is over (actually, there’s still another month until that’s over) and the year of the rabbit is about to start. For me at least, 2010 has been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows (more towards the low side). In terms of anime, 2010 had a lot of good anime, but at the same time, some bad news in the anime front. Of my favorites, BakaTest started in the beginning of the year, WORKING!! started late winter, Angel Beats! and K-On!! started during the Spring, and Motto To Love-Ru, Index, OreImo, and Ika Musume started during the fall. 2010 also had a lot of good anime songs. In fact, I would say that 2010 was the year of anime girl bands. K-On!’s Houkago Tea Time already had some chart-topping songs the year before, but they had even more success this year. Angel Beats!’ Girls Dead Monster also had songs in the singles chart. In fact, the theme songs even beat HTT’s top single by several hundred CDs. But as I said, the anime front had a big blow this year also. With the work of Ishihara Shintaro and his cronies, Bill 156, also known as the Tokyo Youth Ordinance, passed. I will not go any further into that, but this could affect future anime/manga, especially since many animation production companies are located in Tokyo. They are striking back by having their own convention instead of attending the Tokyo Anime Fair, but whether or not they can succeed in their rebellion, we’ll see next year. Let’s hope they do.

2010 is also the year I started this blog. Back during Saimoe 2010, I had so much to say; however, after that, I had a lot less to write, partially because I was a bit lazy. Hopefully, I’ll have more to write this coming year. For a person that has nearly no friends I could talk to anime/manga about; this is the only way right now to say what I think, so I should be writing more because, who else does this quiet boy have to talk about his favorite hobbies to. There are also new anime to talk about that I’m really interested in, especially Yumekui Merry, which should start in a week or so. Also forgot to mention the numerous trips I plan to take next year.

So, to everyone, あけましておめでとう!Ake-ome! Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make 2011 a better year than last!