Big Trouble: Japan Post Restricting Shipments to US

So, something terrible has happened. I’m sure that you’ve heard about the terrorists trying to send bomb packages to New York. Now, because of that, Japan Post is planning to restrict packages over a pound from being sent to Japan. This is bad. I first heard about this in Sankaku Complex about an hour ago. I started getting angry, but then, I decided to go through the web and gather more information on this to make sure that this was not Sankaku blowing a minor event out of proportion.

The actual press release of this news can be seen here. It’s in Japanese (I’m not that great at Japanese), but it is confirmed that starting on November 17, they are going to start restrictions. I’ve decided to go through a little bit more to see how this affects me. From what I’m seeing, it looks like companies with accounts with Japan Post are exempt from this ban. Being that I’m not the only guy trying to get stuff from Japan, there were many people sending e-mails to sites like Hobby Search (my main store for almost everything), HobbyLink Japan, AmiAmi, and other stores to see if they were affected. Right now, it seems like these stores are unaffected. Those that are affected by this restriction will be individuals and small companies that don’t have contracts with JP.

I’ve sent an e-mail to Hobby Search to make sure that I’m not affected (because as you saw from my last post, I’m getting a ridiculous amount of items in the next several weeks) and I will give an update when I get a reply. But let me tell you, this is really ridiculous. These stupid terrorists are really affecting the way we live. And of all places, why Japan?

UPDATE: I got a response from Hobby Search just now and they confirmed that they are not affected by the restriction.

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