75 Hours of Greatness/Halloween Weekend

So, when is the last time I’ve posted here? I should probably and eventually will get on to writing some more stuff, but for now, let me talk about this weekend.

So, what is the only time of year when you can wear something outrageous (in the eyes of society) almost everywhere and pretty much get away from it? HALLOWEEN! (Well yea, there are conventions, but that only applies for that particular area.) But, if you always wanted to wear something or dress like someone, this would probably be the time to do it.

I’ve always thought that Kagamine Len (Vocaloid 2) has some of the coolest clothes. I can’t really tell you why that is because I can’t really describe why; it’s like why I like other characters clothes: just because. For that reason, I started buying custom-made Ren-kun (and other) costumes. I was thinking about wearing them during NYAF, but I decided not to, mostly because I didn’t have headphones, so I decided to wear it during the Halloween weekend.

That Halloween weekend actually started Thursday night, when I wore it when I went to RONS’s (one of the many clubs at Rutgers) haunted classroom. I did not have the headphones then, but after noticing how the wig I had was annoying (since it was a bit too small, it would keep on moving), I decided to make his headphones. I spent part of Friday trying my best to make his headphones. I bought a headphone with a microphone (it was black; I couldn’t really find white headphones) and used poster board to make it look more like his headphones. It was pretty good considering I was in a rush to make it. So, I wore the costume, headphones and all, to a computer lab, where I had to help some people. Of course, they were a bit surprised seeing me like that, but it was all good. I, then, went to JCA (another club at Rutgers).

Saturday was an interesting day. I didn’t have anything to do (that I felt like doing), so I went to Jersey Gardens Mall and wore the costume. I was one of the only people wearing a costume, which was fine with me. I got the attention of some people and someone even took a picture of me. For some reason, I like attracting attention, which is a bit ironic because I’m bad at approaching people…actually, maybe that’s why I try to get people’s attention, so I don’t have to approach them…kind of wish that I could get the attention to single girls, but that’s another story. I tried going to another mall, Menlo Park Mall, but for some stupid reason, they kicked me out. Apparently, they have problems with non-employees being different. I’m not going to shop there again and I suggest that you don’t either.

On Halloween Day, I first went to Mitsuwa, a Japanese supermarket in Edgewater, NJ. Again, I was Len-kun and I was one of the few people that dressed up (most of those dressed up were people that worked there) and again, someone took a picture of me. Walked around, attracting people, buying stuff…a usual Halloween Day for me. Then, I went to NYC. Every year, NYC has a parade where people that dress up can participate in and guess what, that is exactly what I did. Being a not-so-well-known character in the US, I was surprised that I got some pictures taken of me while walking to the starting point of the parade. I arrived about 30 minutes before the parade started and I saw some interesting costumes, including a mattress and a bedbug (NYC has been having a bedbug problem this year for some reason, so it was the perfect costume). At the beginning, I was stuck in a holding area while parts of the parade started moving, but after 15 minutes or so, I managed to escape the holding area and get to where the parade was actually moving. Throughout the 20 or so blocks that the parade went through, I was just behind a group of dancers and a van, so I was pretty visible. I had to carry a bag because it was cold and it had my jacket, which I ended up never wearing, and because I had no pockets to hold anything, but oh well. It was great going through the parade route being Len-kun, listening and sometimes dancing to the music, and looking at all those costumes. It was great I tell you, great. If you ever have a chance to do this, you have to do it.

And now, it’s November 1. Minus maybe a small convention in December (if it is happening) and a presentation related to Vocaloid I’m giving for my final project, that was the last time I could dress the way I like to dress (without having society looking down at me) until my beginning of Con season, June. This was a great October, being able to dress up/cosplay in many occasions, and it was fun. I guess that’s why it’s fun: because it’s not something I can do everyday…but I still don’t like normality. I wish I could do that every day. But for now, I’ll buy more costumes (I know it’s better as a cosplayer to make those costumes, but I’m bad at sewing, I’m a busy guy, and I just like wearing those clothes, so it would be better if it was done correctly instead of me messing up) and try to find people I can share my interests with (since nearly 0% of my friends have my interests).

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