NYAF/NYCC 2010 Pictures: Day 3

This is the last day at NYAF/NYCC 2010, again cosplaying Genis Sage. Again, I took many pictures in the holding area. In the second picture, I took a bird’s-eye view of the holding area before I actually went there. I also took pictures of cosplayers in the dealer’s room, the funniest of which was Hard Gay. In the artist gallery, I manage to see two Chrome-nyan cosplayers! The only thing that would have made things more perfect is if I had a girlfriend that would cosplay as Chrome-nyan.

NYAF/NYCC 2010 Pictures: Day 2

Here are pictures I took during the second day of NYAF/NYCC 2010, cosplaying as Tales of Symphonia’s Genis Sage. I took more pictures in the beginning at the holding area, which opened at 10 AM. I didn’t take many pictures in the dealer’s room that day; most of my pictures were from the area near the Artist Gallery, Maid Cafe, and anime panels. My biggest find of the day was Chrome Dokuro. You all know that I love Chrome-nyan, so I was so happy when I saw someone cosplaying her.

NYAF/NYCC 2010 Pictures: Day 1

Here are some pictures from the first day of NYAF/NYCC 2010, while cosplaying Negima’s Inugami Kotarou. The quality is not great, but it was the best I could do. Hopefully, I can get a better camera for next convention. The several pictures are from my walk to the Javits Center, where the convention took place. Unlike last year, this year, it took up the whole convention center. The next several pictures comes from the holding area where we were held before the doors opened at 1 PM. The rest of the pictures came from the dealer’s room and some panels.

New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con

The first convention I ever went to was the NY Anime Festival. This was back in the day where I was hesitant to go to a convention without anyone. I went with three people for a day and I had a lot of fun. Well, the last three days were my third time in NYAF. It was also the first time I ever went the whole three days (and the first time I went to NY Comic Con, since it was combined this year).

My first day started in a train station near my house, dressed up as Negima’s Inugami Kotarou. I boarded the train and after several stops, a professor from a nearby university that was heading to the city, was asking me why I was dressed up. We ended up talking for like 45 minutes until we actually went to NY. On the way, I didn’t really notice any other cosplayers, but I did notice some people that were also going to NYAF/NYCC. When I arrived there, we waited in the holding hall before the doors opened, so I was there for like two hours, taking random pictures. By the time the doors opened, the hall was about half filled, and it was a Friday. I was walking around the dealers room when I noticed a Kanade-chan bag. I found out that bag was part of a set that came with assorted Kanade-chan stuff, so I had to buy it. Glad I passed by there right away, becuase after a few hours, they sold out of those sets (much to the envy of some people I spoke to). While walking, I noticed a big croud in one of the booths. I was wondering why there would be such a big crowd and I found out that Stan Lee was in that booth. I somehow managed to take a picture of him.

After about an hour, I went to the E wing in the first floor to hear the soothing sounds of the Shamisen. Some traditional Japanese songs were played, but also, there was some American songs played. I walked around some more after that and listened to some K-On songs. I’m a bit afraid of what will happen to these songs when K-On is dubbed. Thinking of that sends shivers through my spine. Then went to a Chihara Minori panel (for those who don’t know, she is the voice of Nagato Yuki-chan) for an hour, walked around again, and then went to a Vocaloid panel. Oh yea, before that, I went to the artist gallery and bought art of Black Rock Shooter, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len. I think I spend more on that first day than in any other convention day. Listening in that Vocaloid panel gave me ideas. They were talking about how engineers/engineering students were inspired by Vocaloid (or music videos created with songs created in Vocaloid). Maybe I should try figuring out how to write a masters thesis and combining it with some Vocaloid stuff. I mean, Vocaloid actually does get into my field of study. How to incovportate it to something new I don’t know yet. Then I went to a showing of the Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi. I mean, I watched it before, but it was much better watching it on screen. I’ve wrote this before, but I like Yuki-chan much better because of that movie. I really, really like those type of girls: extremely cute and extremely shy. After that, I went back to New Jersey for the night.

The next day was an even bigger day. I’ve cosplayed as Kotarou-kun before (and I will continue to), but this was the first time I’ve cosplayed as Tales of Symphonia’s Genis Sage. And this was a more easily recognized character than Kotarou-kun. I spent a little bit of my time in the dealers room, where I bought a Kagami figure (cosplaying as Miku) and a small Ricchan figure. Then, I went to watch a showing of a Hatsune Miku concert that occured in Japan. Yea, I know it’s weird listening to synthesised singing, but hey, I like it. The room was packed and it was standing room only. Like the Vocaloid panel yesterday, there were several Miku cosplayers. My favorite song would probably be Kagamine Len’s Migikata no Chouchou and I was happy when I heard it. I walked some more in the first floor and guess who I saw? A person that cosplayed as Chrome Dokuro!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that would have made things more perfect is if I had a girlfriend that cosplayed as Chrome-nyan. Then, I could die happy. I walked around even more, going to the Maid Cafe and watch dance offs and other stuff and then, I headed to the IGN Theater and watched the Chihara Minori concert. It was nice to hear, but it was also funny when she tried to speak English (I already noticed that the day before). I wish I stayed for the masquerade, but I was tired, so I went back to NJ for the night.

On Sunday, I ended up going with my sister. I had to pay for some of the ticket, but I’m glad that I was able to get ONE person to go to with me. It broke my 2-convention/6-day streak of going alone. Let me tell you, going along is not that great. Sure you’re free to do whatever, but after several days (two to be exact), it does get tiring. It’s also a problem when you’re cosplaying and you don’t have someone cosplaying with you (especially if they are grouped with a certain group of people and if their series is popular [I had maybe one picture taken of me as Kotarou in three conventions and in this convention, I probably got at least five pictures taken of me as Genis during the two days I was Genis]). In my case, no one cosplayed as Raine Sage (sister of Genis). I’ve had people take pictures of me, but two of those people were wondering why Raine wasn’t with me. I had to circumvent the question, saying that if they see a Raine, they should let her know about me (but know that I think about it, that Raine would probably be with a Genis already).

Back to Sunday, that was a short day for me. I was Genis-kun again, walking around the dealers room with my sister, getting more pics, buying more eared hats and ears, and even buying devil wings (Yui-nyan!!!). Then, we went downstairs for several hours, just observing the events going on, watching a weird Pokemon battle, where Team Rocket (the same Team Rocket in the Artist Gallery that wanted a picture of me the on Saturday) sneaked in and tried to steal the pokemon. I also to dance and sing for a bit and I got even more pictures of Chrome-nyan!!! Then, we left. It was sad leaving, but it was funny that I was wearing devil wings in front of a person talking about the end of the world (in the street), another person preaching, and a Catholic church (on a Sunday!). I didn’t do it on purpose, but it was still funny.

So, it’s over. Just like every other convention I’ve been to, I wish it wasn’t over. It’s always nice seeing people cosplay. But it would be nice if I could cosplay with other people.


Pictures: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Anime Saimoe Tournament – Quarterfinals Summary

The last of the four quarterfinal matches have just ended and Azu-nyan has won. Nagi, Koromo, and Nodocchi also advanced in the other three matches. Here is a summary of those matches:

Match Q1:

1. Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 721 votes

2. Shiina Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon): 531 votes

Match Q2:

1. Amae Koromo (Saki): 931 votes

2. Saten Ruiko (Railgun): 825 votes

Match Q3:

1. Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 946 votes

2. Shana (Shana): 890 votes

Match Q4:

1. Nakano Azusa (K-On!!): 961 votes

2. Yamada Aoi (WORKING!!): 627 votes


Anime Saimoe Tournament – Quarterfinals – Yamada Aoi vs. Nakano Azusa

With the first two matches of the tournament finished, here is a look into the next match in this quarterfinal round:

Match Q4:

Yamada Aoi (WORKING!!): 2nd (F14), 52.4% (E5-1), 56.1% (E2-2), 50.5% (E Final)

Nanako Azusa (K-On!!): 1st (F1), 68.9% (G6-1), 47.4% (G2-2), 46.8% (G Final)


Here is another girl that surprised some people. Aoi did well in the preliminaries, getting second, just behind Captain. Here next two matches were a breeze for her, not getting much resistance. Her biggest match was the group final against Kanade-chan. Some people, including me, thought Kanade-chan would win that match, but she ended up never getting a chance to compete with Aoi. Aoi was just too strong for the Angel Beats! favorite. She will be up today against Azu-nyan, who is in her second tournament. Last year, just like this year, she won her preliminary match. She had a tough first round match against Index, a not-so-tough second round, and a not-so-easy win against Clannad’s Nagisa in the third round. In the group final, she could not get past the eventual winner Taiga-chan. This year, she had an easy first and second round. In the group final, she had to go up against Mikoto-chan with her companion, Mio-chan, as the other opponent. Split votes could have given Azu-nyan her second group final loss, but she prevailed, just inching past Mikoto-chan. Interesting thing is that during the preliminary, she faced Poplar-chan, barely getting past her. I think that Azu-nyan will have the advantage here today. I will also vote for her.

Anime Saimoe Tournament – Quarterfinals – Shana vs. Haramura Nodoka

With the first two matches of the tournament finished, here is a look into the next match in this quarterfinal round:

Match Q3:

Shana (Shana): 1st (Group F15), 45.6% (B3-1), 55.8% (B1-2), 49.6% (B Final)

Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 3rd (F6), 48.7% (C9-1), 48.1% (C3-2), 53.4% (C Final)


In this match, we have one of the two girls with the most experience and the one girl with the most success in this tournament. Back all the way in 2006, Shana-chan made it all the way to the quarterfinals, but could not survive against eventual champion Suiseiseki. The next year, she tied against loli vampire Eva in the first round, but she was able to make it all the way to the finals, losing to Nagi. In 2007, she had a tight third round match against Nanoha, which she would eventually win; however, the next round, the group finals, she lost to Bamboo Blade’s Tamaki. She had a year off last year, but that didn’t stop her from advancing to the final eight this year. She beat Haruhi’s doppelganger, Yurippe, twice and beat Nanoha again. She is going to be facing the girl with the biggest oppai in this year’s final eight. During Shana’s year off, Nodocchi had an easy time until the group finals, where she faced Nagi and barely won. She easily beat Louise in the the quarterfinals and lost against the eventual winner, Taiga-chan. This year, Nodocchi had to battle against her comrades in several matches. She lost to Momoko in the preliminaries, but she won against Mihoko and Hajime in the second round and Tacos in the group final. Nodocchi has seen this exact scene last year, facing against a Kugimi tsundere, but I think that Shana-chan is stronger than Louise and I think that Shana-chan will inch past Nodocchi. Shana-chan is also going to be my pick.

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