Making my room a bit more otaku-ish

Since Saimoe is done, I thought that I should do some cleaning and some reorganizing of my stuff since my room has gotten a bit messy. So during the past week or so after my exams were finished, I spent the time to buy some new bookcases/shelfs and reorganize my room. Being the person that doesn’t like cleaning his room too much, that was a hard task. But, I’ve managed to make a lot of progress. Of course, I still have a lot to do since I still have two luggages full of stuff that I had back when I was undergrad living on campus, but it’s good progress right now.

I’ve seen a ton of pictures on the internet of anime otaku’s rooms and trust me, I’m nowhere near that right now, since I just got a job recently, but it’s a work in progress. There are still a lot of figures and other stuff that I want to get, but of course, I’ll have to make more money first. Also, I have to wait until some of those figures come out. In fact, I’m waiting for an Angel Beats! nendoroid set that just out to ship from Japan. I’m waiting for a Black Rock Shooter plushie to ship later on this month, even more nendoroids (Yuki-chan, Hina-chan, second Angel Beats! nendoroid set with Yui-nyan and Kanade-chan) to ship in November, a Misaka-mori set and a Yui-nyan pillow case to ship in December, and Kirino-chan and Fate-chan figures to ship next year. So for now, here are some pictures of my room:

One of the few parts of my room that has been left relatively unchanged.

Japan flag not new, but moved so that new bookcase could be placed there. Also, new posters up!

Even closer view of pillows and plushies, the best of which is of course the Chrome-nyan pillow!

New Bookcase #1

The Vocaloid art I got during NYAF; the Chrome-nyan poster I already had.


New Bookcase #2. The wings on top came from did the hats.

A little bit less crowded since some of the figures moved down to the new bookshelf


New Bookcase #3

Kanade-chan hiding my real books...the books that most people would get dizzy looking at...including me.

The last picture has the passes of the five conventions I went to (true I went to six, but one of those conventions didn’t have a pass). The one on top is from AnimeNEXT 2009, the last convention I went to with friends. The next one down is NYAF 2008, my first convention. No, I’m not an artist. I got it because someone was looking to give it away. The one next to that is NYAF 2009. Below that is NYAF/NYCC 2010, the one I just went to. The last one is AnimeNEXT 2010, the first convention I actually cosplayed at.

I’ve been watching a lot of anime lately, but I haven’t been posting stuff about that lately…mostly because I’ve been too lazy. I’ll have some stuff posted soon on those!

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