Anime Saimoe Tournament – A look into 2011

Saimoe 2010 might have just ended, but we can look at what Saimoe 2011 might look like when things start up again. Remember that characters that appear from July 1 this year until June 30 next year are eligible this year. We notice some big changes because of this. The last two years has seen a ton of Saki girls and the past four years has seen some popular Hayate girls. Well, as of now, they are not eligible to enter. Hayate and Saki just doesn’t have enough material right now in their manga to start another season (unless you want fillers). I think these two will be back again some day, but whether or not they show up in Saimoe 2011, we’ll have to see. I would probably give them about three months to make an announcement for at latest a late spring/summer anime. If nothing is announced by then, expect some new players to take the place of Saki and Hayate. Other big names that are out as of now are Nanoha, Fate-chan, Mafuyu-chan, the Bakemonogatari girls, Amu-chan, and the SOS-dan girls.

Some girls that we will see again are the Negima girls, the Index girls (don’t know about Ruiko-chan yet), the K-On!! girls, the Strike Witches girls (after a year break), some of the Angel Beats! girls (depending on who shows up in the unaired special), BakaTest, Shana-chan, and Taiga-chan (Ookami-san cameo!). Negima doesn’t do particularly well, but depending on when the Negima movie comes out, they could possibly get a boost there. K-On!! dominated the tournament world this year, with Azu-nyan winning this tournament, and Mio-chan winning ISML and Best Moe. They will definitely be a force to be reckon with next year and depending on when the movie comes out, they could get an even bigger boost. Shana-chan and Taiga-chan are going to need to make up for the absence of Nagi. The question is, can showing up for like two seconds be enough for another victory.

Though there are still a lot more anime to come in the coming months, there are already some competitors that will prove to give the veterans a challenge. OreImo’s Kirino-chan and maybe Kuroneko may prove to be too much for some. Ika Musume is also proving to be very popular. But, I would say that the biggest threat is going to be Touhou. For those who don’t know already, Touhou is extremely popular in Japan. However, they have not been eligible, but next year is probably their chance. They might not win, but they will sure try to screw out with some of the girls next year.

I will miss the Saimoe Tournament. One of my first post here (10th to be exact) was about the tournament and it was fun to talk about. It’s sad that I’ll not be talking about for about eight months. Well, there are other things I can talk about. So until June comes around, goodbye AST!

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