Anime Saimoe Tournament – Semifinals – Nodocchi vs. Azu-nyan

The first of two semifinal matches has just finished and Nagi has won the match. Here is a summary of semifinal match #1:

1. Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 1228 votes

2. Amae Koromo (Saki): 923 votes

Nagi had a small lead over Koromo which kept on growing to a more than 300 vote lead. Koromo was just too weak to catch up to Nagi. Kugimiya Rie still has her mojo, easily winning this match. After all those amazing wins in the tournament, Saki is starting to show signs of weakness, but in the worst possible time. Will this turn out like last year? We’ll see today. My predictions and picks are now down to 80-29 (0-1) and my picks to 54-55 (0-1).

Here is the other match that will decide who goes on into the championship round:

Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 3rd (F6), 48.7% (C9-1), 48.1% (C3-2), 53.4% (C Final), 51.5% (Q3)

Nanako Azusa (K-On!!): 1st (F1), 68.9% (G6-1), 47.4% (G2-2), 46.8% (G Final), 60.5% (Q4)


So, we’re starting to see Saki falter like last year. But the question is, will Saki somehow manage to get at least one girl into the final. Both Nodocchi and Azu-nyan faced a lot of trouble in their group finals. Nodocchi had to face Maria with Tacos in the same match. Azu-nyan had to face an even tougher Mikoto-chan with Mio-chan in the same match. Both had good chances of losing, but they both managed to survive. But who’s going to survive this match today? Saki has had great support this year, just like last year. However, their support wasn’t enough last match. Their going to have a lot of trouble this match also. Last year, when Yui and Koromo faced each other, Yui just got pass Koromo. I think that Azu-nyan will have an easier time than Yui this year. I predict that Azu-nyan will win and I will also give Azu-nyan my vote, because the girl with the nekomimi always wins in my book-nya!

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