Anime Saimoe Tournament – Semifinals – Sanzen’in Nagi vs. Amae Koromo

We have finally made it to the semifinals. We’re almost there, so let’s look at the first match in this semifinal round:

Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 1st (Group F8), 50.5% (A9-1), 57.7% (A3-2), 50.1% (A Final), 57.6% (Q1)

Amae Koromo (Saki): 1st (F9), 42.7% (D4-1), 50.5% (D2-2), 53.6% (D Final), 53.0% (Q2)


This should be a very interesting match. We have last year’s runner-up going against one of the most powerful girls in Saki. Hayate no Gotoku has been shaky this tournament, but Nagi has been able to keep on moving. It does help that she is one of the famous Kugimi tsundere. Unlike Hayate, The Saki girls have been very strong. When it looked like the odds were against them, they always manage to find a way to win. Now the question is, will Koromo be able to beat Nagi? Like last year, there is a chance there will be an all-Saki final. There are people that will want that, but there are also people that will try their best to prevent that from happening. What I can say is that this is going to be a close match like the two semifinal matches last year, but at the end, I think that Koromo has the slight edge in this match. I will be voting for Koromo for this match.

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