Anime Saimoe Tournament – Quarterfinals – Shana vs. Haramura Nodoka

With the first two matches of the tournament finished, here is a look into the next match in this quarterfinal round:

Match Q3:

Shana (Shana): 1st (Group F15), 45.6% (B3-1), 55.8% (B1-2), 49.6% (B Final)

Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 3rd (F6), 48.7% (C9-1), 48.1% (C3-2), 53.4% (C Final)


In this match, we have one of the two girls with the most experience and the one girl with the most success in this tournament. Back all the way in 2006, Shana-chan made it all the way to the quarterfinals, but could not survive against eventual champion Suiseiseki. The next year, she tied against loli vampire Eva in the first round, but she was able to make it all the way to the finals, losing to Nagi. In 2007, she had a tight third round match against Nanoha, which she would eventually win; however, the next round, the group finals, she lost to Bamboo Blade’s Tamaki. She had a year off last year, but that didn’t stop her from advancing to the final eight this year. She beat Haruhi’s doppelganger, Yurippe, twice and beat Nanoha again. She is going to be facing the girl with the biggest oppai in this year’s final eight. During Shana’s year off, Nodocchi had an easy time until the group finals, where she faced Nagi and barely won. She easily beat Louise in the the quarterfinals and lost against the eventual winner, Taiga-chan. This year, Nodocchi had to battle against her comrades in several matches. She lost to Momoko in the preliminaries, but she won against Mihoko and Hajime in the second round and Tacos in the group final. Nodocchi has seen this exact scene last year, facing against a Kugimi tsundere, but I think that Shana-chan is stronger than Louise and I think that Shana-chan will inch past Nodocchi. Shana-chan is also going to be my pick.


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