100th Post!!

I’ve been blogging here for the past 3 months and guess what? I’ve finally reached my 100th post here! Granted, most of them are about the Saimoe Tournament, but still, I’m glad I made it this far. As I stated in my first post, the reason why I created this blog is so I could get my thoughts around. I have many friends and I’m glad I’ve made that many friends; however, I would say that only1% (fine, maybe 5%) of them care about anime and other stuff that I’m interested.

When I started this blog, my goal was to get at least one person to read what I wrote. Pretty low goals, but the point is, I would have been happy enough if just one person read what I had to write. Well, I’ve succeed in that goal…by a lot. Sure, I don’t get as much visits as other blogs, but who cares. I wasn’t looking to get many visits anyway.

I’m a very busy guy, grading code and going to class, but I always manage watch the anime I like to watch or read the manga I like to read. Though my schedule makes it tough to write stuff about everything I watch or read, I will try my best to continue, because…this is a new season and there is a lot to talk about. So, ありがとうございます皆さん!Thank you for reading my blog! I will continue to do my best to write my thoughts and I will continue hope that there is at least one person that will continue to read these thoughts.


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