Anime Saimoe Tournament – Quarterfinals – Sanzen’in Nagi vs. Shiina Mafuyu

It has been just under three months since the beginning of the first preliminary round and it has been an interesting three months. We saw many wins that we were expecting and we also saw many surprises. We had some old timers finally accomplishing something that they couldn’t achieve years before and we had many disappointments. And now, we’re here at the final eight. We have some familiar faces in the final eight and we also have some new faces.

There are four interesting matches in this round (so we’ve finally hit the two person matches!!). Tomorrow’s (Friday) match is going to be Nagi vs. Mafuyu, Saturday’s match is going to be Koromo vs. Ruiko, Sunday’s match is between Shana and Nodocchi, and Monday’s match Aoi and Azu-nyan.

I do usually post each match daily; however, the New York Anime Festival is from Friday to Sunday and I will be there the whole time, so I will not be able to update with results until Sunday night (New York time). I will post each match and my predictions several hours before the match starts (like usual), but I won’t be posting results. On Sunday night, I’ll post the results of the first three matches in this round. You can either wait until Sunday night, or you can go to either or the Saimoe Update Blog (link is on the right). So, onto the first match in this quarterfinal:

Match Q1:

Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 1st (F8), 50.5% (A9-1), 57.7% (A3-2), 50.1% (A Final)

Shiina Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon): 1st (F4), 45.5% (F5-1), 52.1% (F2-2), 46.4% (F Final)


This is Nagi’s fourth Saimoe Tournament and she has had a good past. In her first tournament, she barely survived against Shana-chan in the group final and squeaked past Konata in the quarterfinals. She made it all the way to the finals and barely lost against Rika-chan in that controversial final that would anger a lot of Japanese. The next year, she was a bit unlucky, losing to the third round to finalist Tsukasa-chan. Last year, she had to face Nodocchi in the group finals and ended up losing by a small margin. This year, she had an easy time in the main tournament after barely winning against Hitagi in the preliminaries. Now she has to face Mafuyu-chan. Not a lot of people were looking at Mafuyu-chan to get to the final eight. In fact, there were people that thought she would lose to Hina-chan in the first round. We all know how that ended up. She has managed to make it this far, but will she be able to make it past Nagi, friend of Hina-chan and former finalist. This is a really tough call because either there will be people that want Mafuyu-chan to end her streak and there will be people that are enamored by Mafuyu-chan. And Mafuyu-chan already beat a powerful Hayate girl. I’m going to say that Mafuyu-chan finally runs out of steam here. But if she does end up winning, she will have a decent chance of winning it all. I will be voting for Nagi because as much as Mafuyu-chan is cute and innocent, I need to take some revenge from the losses of Hina-chan and Yui-nyan.


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