Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 3 Summary

Before talking about this match, I wanted to make note of a mistake I made yesterday. I wrote something about a future Nanoha/Fate match. Considering that Shana-chan already beat Nanoha, there is no way that can happen. Haha! Whoops! Sorry about that. Probably deep inside, I wanted to see that match again, blinding me from the fact that that can’t happen. I already fixed that mistake.

The last match of the third round has just ended and Ruiko-chan has won. Here is a summary of that group final:

Group H Match:

1. Saten Ruiko (Railgun): 748 votes

2. Fate Testarossa (Nanoha): 709 votes

3. Serizawa Fumino (Mayoi Neko Overrun!!): 140 votes

Fate-chan had a slight lead in the beginning of the match. It looked a bit larger because of fake voting. But halfway through the match, Ruiko-chan managed to slip past Fate-chan and take the lead. Towards the end, they were about even, but Ruiko-chan managed to maintain the lead at the end. And so with that, the two all-powerful Nanoha girls are gone. They were certainly the favorites coming in, but they didn’t have enough power to defeat a Flame Haze and a level zero. This has certainly been a weird tournament. My predictions and picks record take yet another beating, bring my predictions to 77-27 (3-5) and my picks to 52-52 (2-6).

And with that, we’ve come to the final eight. But before we talk about that, let’s summarize what has happened:

We first saw that the Kugimiya Rie does well as a tsundere, getting both Nagi and Shana-chan into the final eight. Her non-tsundere girl, Tacos, could not make it to the next round, so that brings me to the next point: Saki is powerful. Seeing Koromo win was not that surprising, but seeing Nodocchi win was a bit surprising since she had to deal with split voting, which brings me to the next thing: what split votes? In this round, we had two chances of split voting, but it was not enough to give the loss to the girls that had to deal with that. Sure, Azu-nyan’s match was extremely close, but Nodocchi’s match was not that close. What happens is either the anime series is just too weak to compete, or everyone works together to vote for one of the two girls in a series. Next point: Bakemonogatari and Angel Beats! were not that powerful. Angel Beats! did pretty decent in the preliminary round, getting a win (Yui-nyan) and second place in a hard group (Kanade-chan). Bakemonogatari didn’t get any wins, but it managed to get all eight of its girls into the main tournament. They started losing girls after the first round and at the end of the day, they could not make it past the group finals. With Aoi and Mafuyu-chan proving to be more powerful than first thought, there was nothing that could be done to get Yui-nyan, Kanade-chan, Nadeko, and Hitagi to advance. Now to my last point: becoming little again helps, but not enough. With a Nanoha movie out based on the first season, Nanoha and Fate-chan certainly had a chance to win, especially since they were back in the form where they did really well. Unfortunately, a movie was not enough to get them to advance. They are like Lance Armstrong and Michael Jordan when they came back from retirement in cycling and basketball: they were not as strong as their past form.

We have two days of rest, one for the draw and one rest day. So, the next match comes on Friday (Japan time). I’ll talk about that match when we know who is up. So until then, バイバイ!


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