Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

So, you probably noticed, I’ve been too lazy to post summaries for many of the summer anime. Yea, maybe one day, I’ll post those summaries and thoughts, but for now, it’s a new season, which means a lot of new anime coming. Now, OreImo has probably been one of the few anime I’ve been waiting for.

A typical scene of an imouto waking up her onii-chan...could this be for real?

In the beginning, we see a typical scene that many people have probably seen…a little sister waking up her brother, but there is something fishy. Why would this little sister, who ignores her big brother and treats him like garbage, suddenly wake him up? After this weird scene, the brother, Kousaka Kyousuke, suddenly wakes up from this weird dream on the floor.

Darn, it's a dream 😦

He goes to eat breakfast with his loving mother and his otaku-hating father and finds out that his accomplished little sister, Kirino-chan, has already left. Going to school, he meets his “normal” childhood friend, Tamura Minami, and they talk about Kirino-chan.

The "Normal" Minami

The "Normal" Minami

Something is a little bit weird during school. Kyousuke keeps on hearing or sees references of imouto, which disturbs him. I mean, you would be disturbed too if you kept of hearing a certain thing that you hated.

Kirino-chan on the phone

Kirino-chan, your typical schoolgirl

Kyousuke gets back home to see Kirino-chan talking on her cell phone to her friend. Of course, she ignore him. After several minutes, Kirino-chan remembers that she has to do something and in the process of leaving, runs into Kyousuke. The contents of her purse spill out into the floor after she falls. Kyousuke offers to help, but she rejects the help. After gathering her stuff, she leaves, but she forgets something important which will change the course of those two sibling’s life.

A cute Meruru anime DVD

Kyousuke finds a DVD under the shoe holder and is shocked. But before he has time to think, his mom comes home, so he has no choice but to lay down in the floor to hide what he found.

Ah, this is completely normal. He's not doing anything...suspicious

He goes to his room to figure out whose DVD it is. Could it be his dad’s? Maybe his mom’s? Maybe even Kirino-chan? But, none of them seem to fit as a type of person that would watch a cute anime like Stardust Witch Meruru. He goes to open the DVD case to find something shocking. He finds an eroge (ero game) about little sisters. Now, why the heck would something like that be in that case. And what would happen if he were caught? His mother would be shocked, Kirino-chan would be disgusted, and well, his father would just kill him. Just as he’s thinking, his mom barges in and he tries to hide the DVD again, making his mom think that he’s doing a certain something.

Kawaii deshou? An imouto eroge!

He goes to eat dinner and tries to find out who’s the owner of the DVD. So, he talks about how he was thinking about watching Meruru since his friend liked it. His parents act normal, but Kirino-chan acts a little strange. She suddenly stops eating and leaves.

Oh shoot, this is not good for Kinino-chan

Kyousuke goes to the convenience store and as he’s about to leave, he notices the lights in his room turn on. He gets suspicious and goes to his room. And who does he see? He sees Kirino-chan trying to find something in his room. She acts like it’s nothing, but he shows the Meruru DVD to her and she tries to get the DVD, proving that she is the owner of the DVD. So, her secret’s out, but she still denies it. She does ask, however, that if that DVD were actually hers, would he find it weird and make fun of her. And of course, he says no.


He goes to sleep, but during the middle of the night, he suddenly wakes up after being slapped in the face. He finds Kirino-chan on his bed asking him to go to her room.

Ooh...something interesting is going on here

Looks like a typical girls room to me

He asks why she wanted him in her room and he finds out that she wants life counseling. But why would she, who always has been ignoring him, want life counseling. She goes and reveals a hidden closet that was there before the house was remodeled. And in that closet is something that shocks everyone, especially him. There are a bunch of DVDs, games, figures, and posters. Some of those are from Meruru and there are even some Da Capo stuff!

Surprise...Kirino-chan's an otaku

She starts talking about her games and show Kyousuke a stack of eroge that she has, which includes some famous ones like School Days.

Waaaa, sugoi na!! A girl that actually plays eroge!! Amazing!!

But where does she get the money to get such expensive things? She reveals that she is a model and that she uses that money to get the stuff that she has.

A model that is also an otaku? Amazing!

So, why does she bother getting those games in the first place? It’s because she likes little sisters and she likes how they call her “onii-chan” or “nii-nii” or other cute names. She also likes their purity and wants to protect them (wow, sounds like me). She knows that her interests are not normal girl interests, but she loves them and their cuteness prevents her from stopping. Kyousuke decides to help her hide her hobby, but he asks whether she has an alternative method. She figures out what he is talking about and finds it disgusting that he was thinking that. 2D and 3D are not the same thing!

So, he leaves and goes back to sleep. Later on, he gets slapped again for more life counseling. He finds out this time that this “life counseling” is him playing her favorite eroge.

'Imouto to Koi-shiyo' menu

In the first scene that we see from this eroge, a cute imouto is sleeping next to him and he needs to pick what to do to wake her up. He decides to kick her, which pisses off Kirino-chan because why the hell would you do that to such an innocent girl. Kyousuke is disturbed that he might see “those” scenes, so Kirino-chan decides to give him an all-ages version for him to finish by next week, which she thinks is inferior to the R-18 version.



Well, I already knew a little about OreImo already and I’m so glad it’s out already. They’ve been hyping this up for so long. That and Index have been collaborating for many months. It’s the type of anime I like an of course, I will continue watching this. My favorite character in OreImo is Kirino-chan. I don’t really like her schoolgirl attitude, but I love her otaku attitude. And she’s so cute, so, so cute. I wish I could meet someone like her (without the schoolgirl attitude) that would accept someone like me (I’m probably one of many otaku saying that right now. I wonder if I can meet someone like that in NYAF this week). I also think that Meruru and Shiori-chan (the imouto in Kirino-chan’s eroge) is cute also. I would suggest this anime to anyone that like these types of stories. This probably going to be one of the two best anime in this fall season (the other being Index)!

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