Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 3 Group F finals

The fifth group final has just ended and Yamada has won. Here is a summary of that match:

Group E Match:

1. Yamada Aoi (WORKING!!): 748 votes

2. Tachibana Kanade (Angel Beats!): 670 votes

3. Tsukuyomi Komoe (Railgun): 62 votes

It was a deceptively close match. Throughout the whole match, it looked like Kanade-chan and Yamada were head-to-head. However, it turns out that Kanade-chan had a lot of fake votes and that Yamada had a decent lead the whold match. Seeing this match, it’s not looking good for Yui-nyan today. That brings my predictions to 77-24 (3-2) and my picks to 52-49 (2-3).

Now on the most important match of this round (in my opinion):

Group F Match:

Yui-nyan (Angel Beats!): 1st (F7), 48.1% (F2-1), 56.2% (F1-2)

Shiina Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon): 1st (F4), 45.5% (F5-1), 52.1% (F2-2)

Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari): 2nd (F8), 49.6% (F7-1), 50.4% (F3-2)


This is such an important match (in my opinion) because it’s a Yui-nyan match (and because now this is Angel Beats!’s final chance). There is only one girl that is more important than Yui-nyan, but unfortunately (and sadly), she didn’t make it past the preliminaries. Yui-nyan managed to defeat Index in the preliminaries and managed to defeat Mahiru in the first round. However, this is going to be an extremely tough round. Mafuyu-chan is best known as the Hina-chan killer, giving Hina-chan a shocking first round lost. Hitagi is probably one of the strongest girls in Bakemonogatari. It’s going to be an interesting match, but at the same time, this matchup makes me sad because Yui-nyan’s chances of winning are not high. This is a really tough match to predict, but I get that feeling that Hitagi is going to win this. But, I’m going to (of course) vote for Yui-nyan, hoping that my prediction is absolutely wrong, because she deserves happiness (and because she is the definition of moe)! ユイにゃん♥


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