Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 3 Group C finals

The second group final match has just ended and Shana-chan has just won. Here is a summary of that match:

Group B Match:

1. Shana (Shana): 816 votes

2. Takamachi Nanoha (Nanoha): 719 votes

3. Saginomiya Isumi (Hayate): 109 votes

This was a relatively close match in the beginning with Shana-chan and Nanoha about even; however, Nanoha did not have enough power to keep up with Shana-chan. Seiyuu power ends up helping Shana-chan win over Nanoha. This gives our tsundere queen her second straight win in this round. That brings my predictions to 76-22 (2-0) and picks to 52-46 (2-0).

Now, here is a look into the next group final:

Group C Match:

Kataoka Yuuki (Saki): 3rd (F12), 45.9% (C1-1), 53.1% (C1-2)

Maria (Hayate): 3rd (F8), 44.3% (C4-1), 49.5% (C2-2)

Haramura Nodoka (Saki): 3rd (F6), 48.7% (C9-1), 48.1% (C3-2)


So, this is Kugimiya Rie’s third straight match. Unlike the other two matches, this time she is not a tsundere. Now, if it were just Tacos and Maria, I would give this match to Tacos easily. However, Nodoka is in this match. The new group final format is going to end up destroying Tacos. Because of split voting, the tsundere queen will not be getting her third straight win…though, what could give Tacos the win is if everyone abandoned Nodoka. There is a slight chance that Tacos could win, but Maria does not have to deal with split voting, so I will predict her win. But, I’m not going to vote for Maria; I’m voting for Tacos!

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