Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 2 Summary/Round 3 Group A finals

The final two matches of the second round has just ended and Mio-chan and Fate-chan have won. Here is a summary of those two matches:

Match G3:

1. Akiyama Mio (K-On!!): 566 votes

2. Hanato Kobato (Kobato.): 475 votes

3. Alisa Bannings (Nanoha): 127 votes

Match H1:

1. Fate Testarossa (Nanoha): 509 votes

2. Yuuki Mikan (To Love-Ru): 409 votes

3. Natsume (Hidamari Sketch): 122 votes

Both Mio-chan and Fate-chan easily won their matches. They took the early lead and they could not be caught. Mio-chan was not casted out even when Azu-nyan won her match and Mikan-chan was just too weak to fight against Fate-chan. The result of the group G match should make for an interesting group G final. That brings my predictions up to 74-22 (21-3) and my picks to 50-46 (12-12).

So with this round over, here are some things that we learned in the second round:

1. Hayate no Gotoku!! still has some power, even without Hina-chan.

2. Bakemonogatari has a knack of knocking out K-On!!. Both Yui and Ricchan were knocked out by Bakemonogatari girls and those matches were not even that close.

3. The Uiharu/Buchou first round match hasn’t had much effect in Saki matches in the second round. Kana-chan and Buchou did lose against Nanoha and Maria, but those were really close matches.

4. The classic girls, Nanoha, Fate-chan, and Shana-chan, are still powerful forces, even after all these years.

5. Poplar is not so popular…but Aoi is…but Poplar-chan had to face a lot more powerful girls than Aoi.

6. Index/Railgun girls are more powerful this year, getting three girls into the group finals. They should be even stronger next year.

7. Angel Beats! is indeed a strong force, with Kanade-chan easily Yuki-chan and Yui-nyan easily winning her match.

There is a day off today, but tomorrow is the start of the group finals. Here is a look into the first group final:

Group A Match:

Yuno (Hidamari Sketch): 2nd (Group F4), 45.3% (A3-1), 45.8% (A1-2)

Sengoku Nadeko (Bakemonogatari): 3rd (Group F1), 52.9% (A5-1), 52.5% (A2-2)

Sanzen’in Nagi (Hayate): 1st (Group F8), 50.5% (A9-1), 57.7% (A3-2)


As long as I can remember, group final matches have always been against two girls. However, this year is a lot different. There are three girls in the group final matches now. That makes things a lot different and a lot more interesting. So in this first final, we have Yuno, Nadeko, and Nagi. I don’t think Yuno will have much of a chance against Nadeko and Nagi, so this will be a match between the two, with Yuno taking important votes way from the two. Of the two, Nadeko had the toughest match in the second round against Yui, but she easily beat her. However, in the preliminaries, Nagi won against Hitagi (by one vote). So, I’m going to say that this match will be close, but that Nagi will find some way to beat Nadeko. I will also be voting for Nagi.

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