Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 2 – G2/H3

We had an interesting pair of matches yesterday and Biri Biri-chan and Level 0-chan have won. Here is a summary of those two matches:

Match G1:

1. Misaka Mikoto (Railgun): 662 votes

2. Miyako (Hidamari Sketch): 660 votes

3. Shizuku (Omamori Himari): 82 votes

Match H2:

1. Saten Ruiko (Railgun): 657 votes

2. Kotobuki Tsumugi (K-On!!): 648 votes

3. Kirishima Shouko (BakaTest): 100 votes

These two matches were very interesting to watch. We had pro-K-On forces at work yesterday for two reasons: they wanted Mugi to win and they wanted to give Azu-nyan or Mio-chan a better chance of winning in group G. So at the beginning, we had a massive amount of votes going towards Miyako and Mugi. However, after that first hour, both of them started losing the lead and near the end, both Mikoto-chan and Ruiko-chan took the lead. Miyako and Mugi tried playing catch-up at the end, but could not get enough votes to win. A very, very close match indeed. Much closer than I was expecting. So, that brings my predictions to 70-22 (17-3) and my picks to 47-45 (9-11).

Here is a look into today’s matches:

Match G2:

Touyoko Momoko (Saki): 2nd (F6), 46.5% (G4-1)

Taneshima Poplar (WORKING!!): 2nd (F1), 55.9% (G5-1)

Nanako Azusa (K-On!!): 1st (F1), 68.9% (G6-1)

Match H3:

Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara!): 6th (F11), 49.3% (H7-1)

Serizawa Fumino (Mayoi Neko Overrun!): 2nd (F13), 47.7% (H8-1)

Haibara Ai (Meitantei Conan): 11th (F12), 41.9% (H9-1)


We have another exciting group F match in our hands. The winner of this match today could greatly influence who wins the group F match tomorrow. In this match, we have three powerful girls: Momoko, Poplar-chan, and Azu-nyan. In my opinion, with the win of Mikoto-chan, there are two scenarios that could happen. The first scenario is that we could have people putting all their support towards Azu-nyan and vote out Mio-chan in the next match. The second scenario is that people will be voting for Momoko and Poplar-chan. The big question (for the K-On faction and for the Railgun faction) is which of them will take away less votes in the group finals: Momoko or Poplar-chan in this match or Kobato in the next match. The other question is, how many people will be thinking about that big question. This is a really tough call which I really don’t want to make because a third of me is saying that Poplar-chan will win, another third is saying that Azu-nyan will win, and the other third is saying that Momoko will win. For now, I’m going to say that Azu-nyan is going to win because Kobato in the next round is much less of a threat  than Momoko and Poplar-chan. I will be voting for Azu-nyan.

In the other match, we have Amu-chan, Fumino-chan, and Ai. Ai was lucky to have advanced for the first time. However, she will not have that luck today. This match is going to be between Amu-chan and Fumino-chan. Amu-chan will indeed put on a show, but I think that tsundere Fumino-chan will advance. I will also be voting for Fumino-chan.

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