Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 2 – A1/B2

Today is the start of the second round of this tournament. Here is a look into the first two matches in this round:

Match A1:

Noda Miki (GA ~Geijutsuka Art Design Class~): 8th (F4), 37.7% (A1-1)

Todoroki Yachiyo (WORKING!!): 3rd (F16), 39.7% (A2-1)

Yuno (Hidamari Sketch): 2nd (F4), 45.3% (A3-1)

Match B2:

Hachikuji Mayoi (Bakemonogatari): 4th (F11), 45.9% (B4-1)

Takamachi Nanoha (Nanoha): 1st (F6), 53.4% (B5-1)

Ikeda Kana (Saki): 4th (F6), 45.8% (B6-1)


The next two round will be having three contestants instead of four (assuming there are no ties). The first group A match is going to be between Yuno and Yachiyo. Miki already lost to Yuno in the preliminary, so I don’t expect her to win. In Yachiyo’s match, she had a bit of trouble against Hiiragi. However, I believe that Yuno is stronger than Hiiragi, so I think that Yuno will win this match. I will be voting for Yachiyo. In the other match, we have Nanoha vs. Mayoi. Kana-chan lost to Nanoha during the first preliminary, so I, unfortunately, don’t expect her to do well enough to win this round. Shinobu did well in her match, but I think that Nanoha is going to be just too strong for her, considering that it’s Nanoha. I will be voting for Kana-chan.


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