Anime Saimoe Tournament – Round 1 Summary

The final two matches in this first round has just ended and Alisa and Ai have won. Here is a summary of those two matches:

Match G9:

1. Alisa Bannings (Nanoha): 240 votes

2. Shiina (Angel Beats!): 229 votes

3. Suminoe Ako (Kiss x sis): 117 votes

4. Chou’un (Koihime Musou): 85 votes

Match H9:

1. Haibara Ai (Meitantei Conan): 305 votes

2. Nori (Hidamari Sketch): 277 votes

3. Tsukubae Tomoe (Taisho Yakyuu Musume.): 76 votes

4. Matsumoto Maya (WORKING!!): 70 votes

If were to look at the stats of Shiina-chan and Alisa, you would have thought that Shiina-chan would have won this round. There is no way that Shiina-chan could have lost, right? But, the only thing that probably decided this match is their seiyuu. Alisa’s seiyuu is Kugimiya Rie. That’s right, the tsundere queen. That, alone, explains the victory of Alisa. Ai has been in this tournament for so long and for so long she has not been able to get past this round. Nori gave Ai a tough time, but after many tournaments, she has finally advanced! It’s nice to see that she finally doesn’t get screwed over. That brings my predictions down to 53-19 and my picks to 38-34.

So with that, the first round of this year’s Anime Saimoe Tournament has just ended. Let’s take a look at what happened in each group during this first round and let’s see what is coming up for those girls that survived:

Group A: Nothing that shocking happened that round. What we did see is that Bakemonogatari is not as strong as it was in the preliminary, with only one of it’s three girls moving on. We also saw that BakaTest is stronger than once thought. In this next round, we should  have an interesting match between Miki, Yachiyo, and Yuno. The Nadeko/Yui match should also be interesting, especially since Nadeko could receive help, which I will be talking about in a second. Hayate no Gotoku is not as strong as before, so well see how Nagi fares with Ikaros and Minami-chan.

Group B: Again, nothing that surprising. What we did see (and what we already saw before) is that being the leader of a group that is fighting against God does not mean you can beat a Flame Haze, especially if it’s Shana-chan. We also saw that being younger again does help, with Nanoha easily winning her match. We’ll see next round whether or not it can continue to help her against Mayoi and Kana-chan. We’ll also see if Isumi can survive against Shinobu, who is going to get some help from Nadeko, since they both have matches on the same day. Shana should have some competition, but I think she should advance into the group finals.

Group C: The biggest match in this group was the fifth match between Buchou and Uiharun. With Hisa winning by one vote, some Saki girls experienced the wrath of Uiharu. We will see if this continues with even stronger girls coming up for the Saki survivors. We have at least one Saki girl in each match in this group. We’ll see if Tacos can survive against Mizuki with all that adversity (Tacos will have some help though from Koromo). We’ll also see if a kind captain can beat a watermelon-sized-breasted girl in the all-Saki match. With the lost of Uiharu, Maria is basically insured the victory.

Group D: Nothing surprising. K-On!! experienced their first lost in the main tournament and Koromo advanced. We have two interesting matches in this next round here. Koromo the Kodomo is going to be facing Kuroko and Kyou. Before the main tournament started, I said that Koromo has a good chance of advancing into the final eight. However, it’s going to be a bit harder now, especially since Kuroko could get some support from Saki haters. The thing is though, Koromo will also be getting help from Tacos since they both have matches on the same day. The other interesting match is going to be between Hiro and Aruru, we’ll see if Aruru’s winning past can help her in this match or if Hiro is just too strong for her. I don’t expect Kurimu-chan to lose her next match.

Group E: We saw here that Yuki-chan is indeed more popular than Haruhi, with Yuki-chan easily winning her match, while Haruhi could not survive against a loli sensei. We also saw the power of Angel Beats! with Kanade-chan and Iwasawa winning their matches. Two interesting matches in this next round for this group. The first being the match between Yuki-chan and Kanade-chan. They are the most popular girls in their anime, so we’ll see with one is stronger here. The other interesting match is going to be between Cecily, Kana, and Komoe-sensei. Aoi should have no problem advancing into the group finals.

Group F: In this group, we had the most disappointing lost of this tournament. Hina-chan has always been a favorite to win the tournament, but she always manages to get screwed somewhere. For this year, she had to be grouped with Mafuyu-chan. Let’s hope that another Hayate season will be coming soon because for now, this is her final tournament. Two matches to note next round: Mafuyu-chan vs. Saki and Hitagi vs. Ricchan. We’ll see if the popularity of Saki and K-On!! can bring them over the top. Yui-nyan had a tough match last round, but she should not have that much problem this round against the sister of a tsundere and the lone Negima survivor.

Group G: Nothing that surprising, though Momoko did have some trouble in her match against Ui, especially since Touka was in her match. We’ll see next round if Poplar is popular enough to win or if Momoko can sneakily win or if Azu-nyan can win. We’ll also see if Mio-chan can win or if she’ll turn out like Hina-chan. Mikoto-chan could have some problems, but I see her winning her match.

Group H: Nothing too surprising here. To Love-Ru is powerful and Fate-chan is still powerful after all that time. We’ll see, though, next round which girl is more popular, Mikan-chan or Fate-chan. We have another interesting match here between Ruiko-chan, Mugi, and Shouko. And then, another interesting match between Amu-chan and Fumino-chan.

There is no match today, so I’ll be back here tomorrow to talk about the first two second round matches.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Wolfnagi
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 03:18:54

    A comment for Group A,
    Even thought HnG is not as strong as it used to be,
    Nagi ojou-sama still have Kugyu’s mojo to help her boost and thus,
    Bringing an expected victory for second round xD


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